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Double Shot Causes Distress

He's sticking to a healthy sex life: once per week, and possibly twice in the same session. So why do his testicles hurt when he doesn't ejaculate the second time? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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Lately I’ve been having a problem. Whenever I have been having sex (usually one day a week maybe more) I have been ejaculating twice (two sexually sessions). Actually there are times I go for a second round but do not ejaculate but I find that harmful because I get sore testicles following that activity. Am I doing damaging ejaculating twice? Or since it's only one day a week am I fine regarding recovery.


Sex is, in many ways, like drinking alcohol. In appropriate quantities, it has measurable health benefits.

Shaking And Stirring

If you learn to give your body time and resources to recover, you can indulge on a regular basis for most of your life. And while the former point is a very easy sell, sadly, most guys never really accept the latter. So let's take a step behind the bar to find out what goes into a basic ejaculation, the better to see how it affects the rest of your body.

Building The Mix

Certain ingredients in mixed drinks just taste better if they're prepared on the spot, such as the continuous strip of orange or lemon peel that adorns the rim of a “crusta”. Likewise, your body generates sperm cells and prostitic fluid as part of your initial sexual arousal, along with increasing your supply of certain hormones.

Extra shots of testosterone boost your erection, and the three prostaglandins all go into the mix in a different order: E-1 helps your skin snap back after being stretched or bent (such as during an erection), E-2 dilates your blood vessels (making erections easier to achieve) and E-3 constricts those same blood vessels after your ejaculations. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in appropriate balance with the prostaglandins serves to boost E-1's effectiveness at maintaining strong bones and muscles as well as providing additional reinforcement to your erections; it also limits how much E-2 your body produces.

Laced With Pain

A significant imbalance of one or more of these hormones can produce a varied sample-tray of discomforts. Too much prostaglandin E-2, for example, can lead to painful inflammation of tissue in practically every part of your lower abdomen (including your testicles) and your brain. Too much DHT will temporarily lead to a larger erection but will also cause your testicles to lift up into your body, squeezing them and causing more discomfort. (It will also eventually lead to hair loss, but that's a separate issue.)

Here's A Pick-Me-Up

You'll need to cut back on your ejaculations to let your body settle the hormone levels; various glands and tissues like neurons could use a break, too. You'll need to go on the wagon for about three weeks, give or take, to recover as quickly as possible. Don't worry too much if you fall off the wagon; as long as you don't ejaculate more than once every three or four days, the healing process will still continue.

While you're waiting for your body to finish washing up and putting the stock in order, you can help it in several ways. One is to start taking in more top-shelf nutrients, especially zinc and B-Complex. If you don't have a taste for an oyster bar (despite the fact that many properly-prepared seafoods are gold-medal sources of both), you can also explore green leafy vegetables, dairy products and whole-grains. Do your own research, experiment with different foods. You might surprise yourself and discover a knack for cooking them yourself.

Taking up a moderate exercise program other than a horizontal shake and stir, will also do wonders for your sex life. Your overall stamina will improve, and that can only help your sexual stamina, as well. You will also build up a stronger source of testosterone, which will boost your erections.

Last but far from least, you should mull over taking an all-natural herbal supplement, designed to help your body recover from the effects of sexual exhaustion. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Dysfunction & Exhaustion Relief) Starting with helping to re-balance your hormones, it helps you recover your general energy levels, reduce swollen prostate tissue and even helps build up your erection's size.

I also advice keeping your health-care provider in the loop, and letting the expert offer advice on adjusting whatever solutions you choose to employ. Recovery won't happen overnight, but just like any other fine brew, it will be worth the wait. Good luck!

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