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Zapped! Drug Abuse Can Lead to Feeling like Your Body is Being Invaded by Aliens

Drug abuse has resulted in some unwanted side-effects for this poor guy. Now, he wants some advice on how to overcome them…what should he do?

Case #: 1865


I've been smoking marijuana for about ten years now, and I recently did cocaine for about three months. About a week after I stopped using cocaine, I experienced a tingling sensation in both my legs while my lower back began to feel pressure. The tingling sensation is accompanied by dizziness and concentration issues, especially while driving, working, or performing any daily task. Through research, I found my tingling sensation may be caused by anxiety.


I was watching a science fiction movie the other day where a starship crew was on a journey to locate a planet in a distant solar system. As I was a little drowsy I can’t remember the reason they were on their mission, but I do recall that there were some pretty hot women on board. But I digress…there was a whole lot of arguing going on between the two alpha males on board about fuel conservation, food, etc. leading to a dramatic fist fight.

Under Assault

What broke up the little spat was their ship being attacked by an alien vessel. The ship rocked back and forth (well, actually the camera did since it was only a movie) and the aliens caused damage to the crew’s ship by shooting lasers at it. As the valiant crew became more desperate they ran around the ship, trying to put out the fires that had broken out in different sections of the vessel.

Suddenly, the aliens unleashed their secret weapon: a rocket containing poisonous gas. They fired the rocket at the already damaged ship, which penetrated its hull, and the noxious vapors inundated its inner workings. Those of the crew that weren’t killed outright by the gasses bolted for the different rooms within the ship in order to lock themselves in and avoid the gas – hopefully...

Mayday! Mayday!

Similarly, cocaine and marijuana can cause damage your body’s cellular structure and trigger an inflammatory response by raising the prostaglandin E-2 levels within it. These toxic elements in these dangerous drugs can also kill nerves, and constrict the arteries of the brain and genital regions, leading to sexual exhaustion, body aches, tingling, and erectile dysfunction. So how do you turn things around?

Initiating Repairs – The Natural Way

The first order of the day, as far as treatment is concerned, is stopping your drug use altogether. This will allow your body to begin to detoxify itself. However, to ensure that it is completely cleansed, an all-natural herbal supplement may be what you need. (TRY: Cocaine Abuse Revitalization Formula)

These mixtures are specially formulated to repair damaged penile nerves and restore cellular health. They can also lower your inflammatory prostaglandin E-2 levels, leading to a pain-free life and firmer erections. As your body begins to heal from within, your liver can become more efficient, and allow for a quicker recovery from your cocaine abuse by enhancing your detoxification capabilities.

You may not have aliens assaulting you but the effects of cocaine and marijuana abuse can be just as devastating, so take the first step in taking care of your ship…you’ve only got one so treat it right.

What to do

Natural Solutions For Cocaine Abuse & Erection Problems

Improve your erectile capacity damaged by cocaine abuse.

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