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Frequent Penis Massagers Ruin Erectile Strength and Erectile Size for Young Men

In this case study, a gentleman is experiencing some issues with both his erection strength and penis size. He’s currently using a massager on himself and doesn’t realize that this device is the cause of his problems.

Case #: 1317


I used a massager on my penis and about a couple hours later I noticed that my penis shrank. I still can get erections but it's not at its natural size. It is much smaller. What happened? Is there a cure for this or will time heal it & possible to increase my size?


Men go to various desperate lengths to make their penises larger, and many of these lengths are quite dangerous. Massagers in particular can be harmful in that they unnaturally vibrate the penile erectile nerves and blood vessels until they rupture and tear. They can not only damage your penis but also your entire reproductive system including your testes and prostate
Case Study Highlights

Summary: One man continues to use a penis massage to improve his erectile strength. However, he continues to notice difficulties maintaining an erection without a massager. Now, he is seeing penile shrinkage, find out we helped him regain his erectile strength. For more help, leave your comments below for our experts.

Your Solution: ViaPal-hGH-J Penile Enlargement & Hardness For The Active Lifestyle

Helpful Guide: Penis Enlargement Guide & Technique Overview

From Mr. Happy to Mr. Droopy

A couple of unwanted issues can arise from this form of self-abuse including the accumulation of fatty deposits (known as plaque), which can develop and inhibit the flow of blood. Another problem is that scar tissue can build up within your interconnected penile chambers and block blood from fully engorging your penis for proper erections, and over time these chambers become more rigid and unable to expand as much as they used to. The result? A smaller member, with weaker erections when it’s time to get things rolling in the bedroom.

Too much of this artificial stimulation and/or over masturbation can also blow out your body’s supply of neurotransmitters and sex hormones, and since you keep abusing yourself regularly, it can’t keep up and is in a constant state of sexual exhaustion. In other words, your mind might be telling you that you’re doing something good for yourself but your body is literally running around on fumes, so “time” won’t heal it. Now that you know the “why” you’re probably wondering what the “how” is with regards to fixing your little problem before things get worse, eh?

Putting the “S” Back into “Size”

If you still have the receipt of purchase for that massager you might want to get your money back for it. Give your body and your penis some time to rest and out an end to the cycle of self-abuse.

If you really want to get serious about making some reparations, consider taking a potent botanical supplement. What these mixtures can provide you with are the proper nutrients to repair and restore your damaged penile nerve endings and ruptured blood vessels. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Penile Enlargement & Stronger Erections) They can also help to alleviate any plaque build-up and erode the hardened scar tissues in your penile blood chambers for both an improvement in erection quality, and in the long run, an increase in elasticity within the fibrous sheath located within them for a larger penis. An added benefit can be synchronizing your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems which will then allow your hormonal levels to rebalance.

So stop running around on empty and give your body a fighting chance to repair and rejuvenate itself, while at the same time increasing the size of your package!

What to do

ViaPal-hGH-J Penile Enlargement & Hardness For The Active Lifestyle

Improve the firmness and length of your penis.

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