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Advanced Botanical Penis Size Recovery & Enhancement

Between the ages of 30 and 70, men will lose an inch from their height. But that’s not the only size decrease, no, according to studies, men past the age of 70 will lose an inch or two in erectile length. While you increase the candles on your cake, your penis decreases in size because of the depleted hormones and nutrients required to maintain tissue size.
A decrease in penis size remains a contributor of unsatisfying, unfulfilling sex. And with the average penis size measuring 5.5 inches, men who remain within the norm have no room to lose an inch from their penises without sacrifice quality in their sexual experience. Even if a man doesn’t lose an inch, the angle of his dangle could cost him satisfaction. According to studies, men who experience weaker erections cannot provide the same level of satisfaction for their partners. 

Formula Overview
Solution Number: 5200
Age: Adults under 65 years old
Purpose: Provides growth factors to enlarge the penis chambers damaged by penis shrinkage from sexual exhaustion, over masturbation, penile tissue and nerve damage.
Causes: Depleted hormones and nutrients to the penis chamber and  tissue from age, masturbation, sex and injuries can cause shrinkage.
Effective Herbal Combination: Ashwagandha, Cistanche, Cnidium, Cuscuta, Deer Antler, Eucommia, Fo Ti, Panax Ginseng, Catuaba, Sarsaparilla Jamaican, Dioscorea, Maca, Muira Puama
Helpful For: 
  • Restoring inches and expanding width
  • Providing essential growth factors for the penis chamber
  • Repairs penis tissue and nerve ending damage while increasing your size
  • Increasing HGH, Dopamine, DHT, testosterone and acetylcholine to the penile tissues
  • Dissolving collagen scaring
  • Providing neuro-growth factors for penile nerves
  • Sustaining firm erection throughout intercourse
  • Repair aging arteries and nerve ending ruined by chronic masturbation
  • Repairing venous leakage and firmness 
Herb Overview

Deer Antler: Contains various essential growth factors critical for penile damage. Also containing pantocrin, a chemical that benefits the cardiovascular system and reduces erectile dysfunction problems.
Cuscuta: increases the production of nitric oxide and intra-cavernosal pressure to help men achieve a harder, fuller erection.
Panax Ginnseng: enhances blood circulation by increasing blood levels and nitric oxide.
Cistanche, Ashwagandha, & Eucommia: Increases HGH, testosterone and DHEA and helps aging arteries while repairing damaged nerve ending.
Fo Ti: Reduces premature aging of the liver functions for improved nutritional consumption, a necessary procedure for tissue and hormone production.

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