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Calming the Angry Volcano – Pain and Discomfort In The Penis Head

Do you masturbate a lot? Like, really a lot? Maybe you've noticed that your orgasms aren't as pleasing as they used to be. Maybe they've even become painful, giving unfortunate new meaning to the term “screaming orgasm.” Learn one man's story, and find out how you can successfully tackle the same issue.

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After I masturbate, I feel pain and discomfort in the head of my penis. I feel like I have to urinate constantly to relieve the discomfort. It can last for days. I only masturbate now once or twice a week because of it. I have masturbated once a day for most of my life -- except this past year, when I've done it once per week. I have been to doctors that tell me I have a UTI or they don't know what to say. I have had a full STD check and am STD-free. I used to have this same feeling when I was in my 20s but it would only occur once or twice a year and would go away in about an hour. I have thoughts it might be nerve damage or too much masturbation. What do you think?


Yeah, there's nothing quite like realizing that you're no longer in your 20s. The triple cheeseburgers we once enjoyed now leave us feeling like wounded animals, the all-night partying sessions have been reduced to dinner-and-a-movie, and the unshakeable sexual prowess that once gave our lives meaning now makes our penises feel like punching bags.

Your doctors may not know what's wrong, but it sounds like your years of over-masturbation have definitely contributed to some nervous system damage. Your parents and teachers always taught you to love yourself, but who knew there was a price to pay for too much self-love?

Why Is This Happening?

First off, it's extremely unlikely that your problem is related to UTI, unless you have had sex with a partner who has a UTI. Masturbation doesn't cause that sort of infection in men, but it can certainly wreak havoc on your body if you spend too much time chasing after the big O....(more)

You see, much of your sexual function originates in your prostate, where semen is created, and too much masturbation can exhaust and weaken this important gland.

Also, too much “alone time” leads to the overproduction of androgen hormones, which causes your sex organs to become fatigued. And finally, your body releases a hormone called prostaglandin E-2, which keeps you aroused but can also have an inflammatory effect in large doses, damaging tissues, nerves and joints, compromising your immunity, and leaving you in a world of hurt. Unfortunately, some of that damage stays with you long after you cut back on your one-handed hobby.

Help! How Do I Fix It?

If you do find yourself struggling with pain and soreness even after you give up the compulsive masturbation, it may be time to try an herbal remedy containing ingredients like Atractylodes Macrocephala, Rhodiola, Schisandra, Alisma Plantago, and Cornus.

Herbs like these have been shown to improve blood flow and reverse the effects of nerve and tissue damage. After all, ejaculation is one of the most satisfying human experiences. You owe it to yourself to restore the sensation and feel that ethereal bliss once again – without the scourge of sore penile tissue.

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