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Why Am I Experiencing Symptoms of Sexual Exhaustion At Very Young Age?

I am a normal male with normal inhibitions. I see a pretty girl; I masturbate. I watch a porno; I masturbate and problems are killing me now

Case #: 512


As a 26-year-old male, I find myself experiencing a number of sex-related issues. Maybe my problem is linked to excessive masturbation, a daily activity of mine. I know that I am a normal male with normal inhibitions. I see a pretty girl; I masturbate. I watch a porno; I masturbate.

My abnormal symptoms include:

  • Lack of energy
  • Weak erections
  • Loss of sexual energy

As young men, we each meet a variety of archetypal males—the nice guy, the athletes, the jerks, the comedians and the sexually voracious types. While it’s true that ass***** finish first and nice guys last, it’s normal to see a hodgepodge of these archetype males in society.

And while you may see yourself as atypical, I assure you that your urges remain a normal, healthy part of your youth. And I agree: Most men will dream about the pretty girl they saw early in the day, but few will continue to brood over her looks after “releasing his seed” to her image.

Results of Over-masturbation

I love chocolate. After a large meal, I need something chocolaty to appease my desires. According to my doctor—and a myriad of studies—I need to limit my consumption of chocolate. But still, I crave it and eat it. Sex, much like my chocolate addiction, can be detrimental to our health. Of course, sex and masturbation can both display a healthy showing of properly working organs, excessive masturbation can damage your hormonal structure.

Each ejaculation depletes the body of its natural reserve of hormones. After each satisfying burst, the body loses DHT, testosterone, prostaglandin E-1, prostaglandin E-3, nitric oxide and prolactin. Each of these chemicals serves a purpose in the body. Testosterone, for instance, powers your sex drive; DHT, meanwhile, ensures the livelihood of hair follicles and health of the prostate gland. When you masturbate in excess, your body loses these chemicals necessary to power basic bodily functions.

Why Weak Erections

For a man your age, it seems unnatural to experience weak erections. However, with so much masturbation, it does seem that the loss of testosterone seems prevalent. Your body cannot provide enough of the chemical to help power your sex drive. Each time you try, your penis remains limp—in a perpetual sleep. With little testosterone, the body cannot pump sufficient blood to the penis nor generate enough stimulation for a rock-hard erection.

What To Do

In the meantime, I have some solutions for you. The herb Damiana can relax you enough to help you perform when it matters most. Most often, men who masturbate in excess cannot maintain a regular erection because they become adapted to ejaculating to visual or mental images. Ashwagandha, meanwhile, can help improve sexual energy and sleep patterns, a common issue for men who over masturbate. Now, if you continue to suffer from weak erections, an all-natural formula can help improve your blood flow and power your erectile strength.

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