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Impotence – Issues Related to Pornography and Over Masturbation.

Check out this case study involving a man who has been playing with Mr. Happy in spite of having a girlfriend. Now he has hit a brick wall and can’t get things going like he used to. What is he to do you ask? Read on…

Case #: 1394


Browse through your Internet browser’s bookmarks. Most people will see a news site, a few miscellaneous blogs and maybe even a banking site. My bookmarks include each of these—and a few porn sites too. Why bother typing in my favorite porn site, right? I even have the RSS feeds to these sites, just in case an update is released. And when I watch my porn, I masturbate. But now it seems my addiction to both porn and masturbation is making sex impossible.

I love my girlfriend, no doubt. But I would love her even more if she had the boobs of some of my favorite porn stars or if she moved like some of these fictitious actresses. I guess my addiction to porn has put me on a path toward objectifying women to the point where I cannot maintain an erection without porn. Am I in trouble here? Or should I abandon ship and find a new, hotter girlfriend?


Men really, really, really like to masturbate. It’s a fun way to fantasize about that perfect woman that we have in our heads. This perfect woman or at least someone close in approximation to her is possible to find through scouring through porn websites until alas, you finally find her! Too bad that perky guy is there with her, but presto! You can always Photoshop him out of the picture in your mind and imagine that you’re there with her instead.

Fantasy World

And for men that really like either the shape (or shapes) of particular women, the way they “move” as you put it, or just a really crazy and exciting scene, or a combination of all of these, can just bookmark the links for later masturbatory sessions. So everything from there should be all good, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, men don’t have unlimited resources within our bodies. We have a set number of neurochemicals and sexual hormones that we’re allotted and cruelly enough, God (or whatever you believe in) didn’t have us spawn on this Earth as super hyper sex-machines that can go on forever, and also didn’t provide us with indestructible hands and penises.

Through your obsessive masturbation you’ve depleted your body’s resources and are now running on fumes. And you were spot-on when you did a little self-analysis and discovered that porn is indeed contributing to viewing women as sexual objects instead of fellow living beings that you want to please and that you want to be please by. Intimacy might as well be a Klingon word, and would probably still be bereft of meaning even if you did understand that language. So what’s the way out for you?

Coming Back to Health

Time for you to get off of the crazy carousel of transmuted pleasure and get back to a normal perspective with regards to sex. One way that you can begin to do this is by taking a break from porn and taking up another, healthier hobby. Take yourself on walks and ponder your life, or start up a workout plan in order to expend energy that you would have used for masturbation.

As your body starts to heal itself from being sexually exhausted consider taking a natural herbal mixture, which can really help to shorten the time it will take to return to normal. (SEE: Natural Formula for Erection Restoration) These powerful botanicals can resupply your body with testosterone, serotonin, dopamine, acetylcholine, and neurotransmitters, all crucial to a healthy, functioning sexual appetite and endurance. They can also rejuvenate your bio energy levels, alleviating sexual exhaustion and can promote zinc oxide production which is what will help you maintain firm erections once more. You might also discover that your girlfriend is enough and that you don’t need her to be like any of those porn types.

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