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Masturbation Addiction – More Than a 12-Step Problem

Masturbation addiction is very real, make no mistake about it. And it's not a harmless addiction, either. Learn the uncensored facts about the one addiction that nobody wants to talk about.

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I'm 19 and I've masturbated 2 or 3 times a day since I was 13. I'm feeling pretty burned out from it. I've had some relationships but I still masturbate a lot. I really want to stop but it's like an addiction. How do I get out of this rut?


It's not LIKE an addiction. It IS an addiction. Masturbation produces many of the same neurochemicals that bring pleasure to drug users and alcoholics, and yet no one talks about it.

Masturbation provides the same type of stress relief that so many drug addicts crave, and yet no one talks about it. Masturbation, like any narcotic, can become a compulsive behavior, leaving the user constantly craving that next “hit.” And yet, no one talks about it. Why is that?

Why? I'll Tell You Why

Masturbation is an uncomfortable topic. When I was growing up, my sex ed teachers barely dedicated 2 minutes to discussing it, which is unfortunate, because kids are hopelessly uneducated about the dangers of too much masturbation.

Having grown up in a fundamentalist church, I even recall my Sunday school teachers and youth ministers avoiding the topic at all costs. Of course, we were all threatened with eternal damnation if we “lusted after pornography” (we all know what that means), but no mention of masturbation was ever made. The subject just makes people extremely uneasy, so is it any wonder why the topic of masturbation receives almost no mention in polite society.

Masturbation Addiction is Very Real

Your chronic fatigue is a common side effect of over-masturbation. All of that sexual activity causes dangerous levels of cortisol to build up in your body. That cortisol is responsible for causing fatigue, and over time it can also lead to hypertension, increased blood sugar, immunity suppression and diminished sex drive.

So we definitely want to get this issue under control.

I briefly mentioned the physiological issues that can foster masturbation addiction, but the root of the addiction is typically emotional (as is the case with almost all addictions). If you're hurting on the inside, you're going to look for any way to numb the pain. Unfortunately, it's just human nature. But that doesn't mean you can't overcome it.

I would encourage you to speak with a counselor or therapist to get to the core of your internal issues, and in the meantime, I would also recommend an herbal remedy to knock out that fatigue. Herbs like Mucuna Pruriens can reduce cortisol levels in your body, thereby returning some sense of normalcy to your life (SEE: herbal treatment for chronic & adrenal fatigue). Take care of yourself, inside and out, and take it easy on the masturbation. You'll feel a lot better.

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