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My Penis Has Become a Slab of Soft Meat – What are These Herbal Mixtures All About?

Another unhappily married man has come to rely on sex with his hand since his dear wife has cut off the majority of sexual intercourse that he’s used to. Now he’s suffering from mood swings and if that weren’t enough; a soft Johnson as well.
Case #:2096

Well I’ve really done it this time! About two years ago I started having problems with my wife, so I began jacking my junk a lot. About a year ago, I started noticing problems getting it up in bed with her (the few times we still do have sex).

Now, I’m suffering from extreme mood swings and stuff. I’m sure my crappy diet isn’t helping anything either. What can I do about these issues?
“Damn it, I said I’ll meet you at the airport about a hundred times already!” Jim yelled through the phone at his new foreign girlfriend, Marta.
“You didn’t have to yell like that,” she meekly responded.
Jim caught himself and took control of his emotions. Taking a deep breath, he realized that he’d lost his temper again. “I’m sorry, Marta. I don’t know what’s come over me lately. I have these mood swings and I don’t know what’s causing them.”
He also had something else going on, but he didn’t want to mention that: Soft erections.
Whacked Out

Jim had a pretty normal life by today’s standards; he did some drugs in college but never became addicted to them. He also drank – heavily for a while, but had kicked that bad habit as well. His diet wasn’t that great; he ate a lot of fast food since he didn’t enjoy cooking. He also masturbated a lot, especially when fantasizing about the hot foreign women whom he’d chatted up online.
His main problem at the moment however, was that the hot Costa Rican girl he’d met through a dating website was moving to his city in just a few short weeks ,and he didn’t want to let her down since they’d talking openly about having sex once she made the jump over.
Jim desperately met with his physician, who promptly prescribed him medications for his erectile problems, but they only seemed to make things worse; he lost his capability to get morning wood altogether.
Needless to say, Jim and Marta’s eventual meeting and sexual encounter didn’t end well; there was no way that he could explain away having a soft penis so she became involved with his best friend instead.
A Shrunken Sex Life

Although being suddenly stricken with erectile dysfunction can seem like the world is coming to an end and that the sky is falling if it happens to you, this issue is actually quite common as far as sexual disorders go.
Erectile dysfunction, or E.D., can be caused by any number of factors; drinking too heavily, high blood pressure, obesity, stress and anxiety, and of course one of man’s favorite pastimes: masturbation – or rather too much of it (over-masturbation).
All of these negative factors can trigger the release of prostaglandin E-2, and inflammatory hormone. When this happens, a man’s testosterone levels can decline and he can enter a state of sexual exhaustion. Common symptoms of this include irrational mood swings, insomnia, fatigue, and yes: soft erections.
Re-powering Your Sex Drive

Recovering from E.D. can be done, but first thing’s first; make sure that your diet is a healthy one. Good foods are whole foods from your local supermarket or farmer’s market such as organic fruits and veggies, free range, lean cuts of chicken, pork, and beef, grains, nuts, and wild caught fish.
While you’re ensuring that your food intake is doing you good, try increasing the amount of nutrients and healing elements going into your body by taking an herbal healing mixture. (TRY: Shilajit for Testosterone Boosting) These powerful concoctions contain amino acids, anti-oxidants, and other ingredients which can help you to:

  • Boost liver function for body and blood detoxification
  • Greatly elevate bio-energy levels and eliminate fatigue
  • Re-balance hormonal levels for relief of pain and inflammation
  • Improve penile tissue blood absorption capabilities and enable fuller erections

In just a few short months, you can go from an irritable, depressed, shell of a man, to a raging tiger of sex – eager to sink your teeth into the next lucky woman. Make your choice and join the thousands of men already going through their new sexual renaissances!

What to do

Shilajit: The Testosterone Balancer

Testosterone acts as the primary sex hormone among men

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