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Not Happy In The Morning

The road to improved sexual health can be long, and winding through many unexpected turns. Here's a guy who's trying to take the tough path to long-term improvement through herbal supplements and reduced masturbation. However, he has lost his morning erections. What's going on? Is it a problem, is he doing something wrong? Read on, get the facts, and see for yourself.

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For the past 3 weeks I have taken the advice of your website and taken proper herbal supplements to control the urge to masturbate. I feel more charged, more attentive, and more energized. I even wake up to erections in the morning now. My erection has improved from 3 o’clock to slightly above (between 2 and 3 but closer to 3). I thought maybe I am not getting enough circulation into my extremities so I have begun to run (I am a skinny male). I have run for the past 2 days but I have noticed that my morning erections are gone. I only run for 15 minutes (about 2 miles) and then I walk for 20 minutes.


Over-masturbation can be a very hard habit to break, but getting it down to a level your body can handle is a crucial part of restoring your overall health as well as your sexual potency. Part of what makes acknowledging excessive masturbation as a problem is that the physical toll taken on your body is very widespread, taken from almost every part of you: the hair on top of your head, your brain, your eyes, your liver, even your skin, above and beyond your reproductive organs.

Shuffling Debts

Sometimes it's difficult to match certain symptoms to masturbation, but sometimes the physiological link is pretty obvious: loss of morning erections as a result of persistent masturbation is one of the latter, and repairing that damage needs to be addressed as the body finds the resources.

Doing the smart but difficult thing of trying to rebuild your body means that, among other things, you're going to find out that some parts of your body will regenerate faster than others. Let's look at the mechanisms powering your erections in general and the morning ones in particular, and see what's going on.

Low Interest Rate

Many medical professionals consider lack of morning erections as a sign of a physiological source for erectile dysfunction. As you specifically state that you have erections under other normal circumstances, we are inclined to think that your lack of “morning wood” is more a sign that your body is repairing itself in stages, and the mechanism for morning erections is at the top of your body's “to be healed” list right now.

Excessive masturbation depletes nutrients that are used in many other parts of your body. Testosterone, for example, regulates bone growth as well as making sure that your voice stays low and your facial hair keeps coming in. But if you burn it up through masturbation faster than your body can manufacture it, you may find that your bones aren't healing as fast as they used to. Likewise, the glands responsible for producing nitric oxide (which is the key chemical that “sparks” your erections) might have been worn down from overuse, and the process of repairing those means that they don't produce the stuff except under deliberate sexual stimulation.

Refinancing Your Nutrient Debt

You've already taken the first step of reducing your masturbatory habits as much as possible, and you've noticed the resulting physical and mental benefits. Taking herbal supplements also means that you're doing yourself an excellent turn as well, by providing your body with the nutrients it needs to rebuild itself. On top of that, you're engaging in a light-to-moderate exercise program, which is boosting your testosterone level.

If you are concerned about your lack of morning erections, you should speak with a health-care provider and discuss possible modifications to your diet, supplement and exercise regimens. (TRY: Firmer Erection Herbal Supplement) Getting yourself into better shape will take time and consistent effort, with adjustments based on changing conditions. Depending on what you're already taking, you might consider adding an additional supplement, designed specifically to strengthen your erections in general and to accelerate the repair process in your penis.

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