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I Am No Longer As Strong And Energetic In The Gym Or In Bed

A male is experiencing symptoms of low testosterone.

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For the last few months I have noticed that I am no longer as strong and energetic in the gym or in bed. I feel like my testosterone may be low or something else could be going on with my hormones. What can be causing me to feel like this and what can I do to get better?


With knowing so little about your daily life and your symptoms, it is hard for me to give a precise cause for your problems. I think you may be right about your hormones because they do play a key part in how you feel. Testosterone is a powerful hormone that can affect your sex drive, erection and energy levels. Testosterone and even general hormone imbalances remain fairly common in men.

Testosterone – The Male Power Source

Your hormones will vary as you age, affecting your sexual, mental and physical health. Many men who have hormone imbalances complain of a lack of energy and sexual desire. Some also have erectile dysfunction problems and experience premature ejaculation.

Although you didn’t mention these symptoms, if your testosterone levels have been low for a while, you are likely experiencing most of these symptoms.

Low Testosterone

Several causes can lead to lowered testosterone levels. For example, excessive masturbation, sex, too much time at the gym, and even high stress levels from work or home life can place a strain on the body.

If the body is in a constant state of stress, it will stop producing hormones or slow the production of them. When you try to have sex, masturbate or even work out at the gym, your body will need these hormones to function. If the hormones aren’t available or are too low, you won’t get the energy to perform.

Boosting Testosterone Levels

If you want to feel better and be able to perform properly during sex and at the gym, you need to let your testosterone levels buildup. The best way to do this is rest for a while and give your body a chance to make more hormones.

You also need to relax and stop stressing. I also want to recommend that you take an herbal solution that will help you relax, boost your testosterone levels and help your body recover quicker. Remember to eat healthy.

The nutrients you get from food are essential for body functions. Once you get your hormone levels balanced again, you will start to feel better and have more energy for the things you enjoy.

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