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Finasteride Shrunk His Penis and Ruined His Erection

He is recovering from prostate problems with the supplements recommended by doctor but he is inducing impotence by taking Finasteride.

Case #: 43839


After taking the 30-day dose of Pros--- (Finasteride) for my prostate enlargement problem, my erection is dead. The forehead of the penis shrunk. I suspected that my testosterone levels are also down too.


Your impotence may have resulted from the destruction of the liver and testicular function by Pros--- (Finasteride). The most destructive effect of Finasteride is on destroying production of the enzyme liver 5-alpha reductase. Once this enzyme is destroyed, testosterone-DHT conversion is minimized. DHT is responsible for penile health and growth in conjunction with HGH, DHEA and testosterone when cortisol and prolactin levels are in normal range. If your liver produces sufficient 5-alpha reductase, you produce a healthy level of Testosterone-DHT ratio to ensure a healthy penis, muscles, bones and brain function. Without it, penile tissues become very rigid and inflexible, leading to erectile dysfunction. [1]

In an animal experimental model, castrated young rats with testosterone injection elevated their DHT levels back to about 80-90% of the un-castrated group. What this means is, as long as the castrated young rats' liver can still release enough 5-alpha reductase, sufficient testosterone-DHT conversion will occur in the tissues to support penile function. This illustrates the importance of 5-alpha reductase, which you are being deprived of by taking the Finasteride. [2] [3]

The minimum androgen hormonal levels for sexual performance are:

500-600 ng/dl
Free Testosterone
10-12 ng/dl at 2%
45-60 nd/dl
DHEA (unconjugated)
600-700 ng/dl

If you testosterone is too low, you can try Natural Ways To Increase Your Testosterone through consumption of various nutrients to help your body increase testosterone production or prevent fast breakdown of testosterone. At the mean time, you can restore back your penis size by practicing Penile Ballooning Technique. This technique would also increase blood circulation around your genital areas and improve your erection quality.

Since the prostate enlargement medication is giving you a bad side effect, try a natural solution as an alternative approach, Advanced Botanical Rejuvenation & Detox Solution For Prostate.


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