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He's Curved When He's Horny

Diagnosed with Peyronie's disease some time ago, he had been able to sustain a strong, if angled, erection. However, his erections have recently become softer, weaker, and short-lived. What has happened? And more importantly, how can he fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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I am only 31 years old and last year my doctor diagnosed me with Peyronie's disease. I have noticed that I have a bend in my penis but I am still able to hold an erection. I have slowly started seeing my erection going soft and when I do get an erection I lose it very fast. What should I do or take to help my condition at my age.


Injury to the penis is one of any man's worst nightmares. Even if it's just getting a surprising hit from a basketball or a friendly dog's paw down there, the victim will get sympathetic winces from every other man who sees it or hears the story. It is only exceeded, to many men, by the fear of weakness to their erections, or losing them entirely. So any situation that threatens to incorporate both of these fears is a surefire recipe for some sleepless nights for many men.

How Did I Get Bent?

The signature element of Peyronie's disease is the presence of fibrous plaques or scar tissue within the tissues of the corpus cavernosa. These paired tubes of highly porous tissue, along with the corpus spongiosum, form the “rigid support” of your erection. Each of these sub-organs develop small leaks as you become erect, and your body can repair these leaks quite easily through the same healing process used with most other wounds. The problem is that the scar-tissue can build up over time, eventually having a visible effect on their operation.

Take six long balloons. Nest three of them one inside the next, then let a few drops of latex-based paint drip onto each of the other three before doing the same. If you try to inflate the first set, you should see a relatively straight cylinder of colorful latex. The second set, even if the paint is still wet, will produce noticeable divots, curves or even angles as you inflate it. It will also take a lot more effort to inflate the second set at all, and you may even run out of energy (or interest) before they are fully inflated. Combined with the fact that the tissues in your penis are already slightly damaged, and forcing them to inflate with large patches of inflexible tissue may not only add to the damage but do so painfully, and you'll soon understand why some men who suffer from Peyronie's disease become depressed and sexually withdrawn.

It's Too Kinky For Me

So what can you do about it? The most effective initial response is to reduce your ejaculations for a while, to give your body a chance to finish repairing the damage already in place. Three weeks or so can be a good starting point, though the healing process can begin if you can stick to no more than one ejaculation every third or fourth day.

While you're waiting for your penis to recover, you should look into increasing your zinc and B-vitamin intake. While tissue-repair requires several nutrients, those two are the most important. Properly-prepared seafood, such as oysters, crabs and lobster, are good sources for both. Alternately, beef, lamb and toasted wheat germ are rich in zinc, and many vegetables and nuts provide a spread of B-vitamins. Do your own research and experiment with different foods, and pay attention to how they taste and how they make you feel. Keep your health-care provider informed, the better to get an expert's opinion on your progress.

You should also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement, designed specifically to help break down the leftover plaque buildup in your blood vessels and generally improve blood circulation through the penile tissue matrix. Good luck!

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