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Vaginal Pain and Desensitivity from an Unlikely Source – Her Vibrator

She has used a vibrator several times a week for years and now has pain in her clitoris. Despite trying, she cannot reach orgasm, and her doctor prescribed an eczema ointment because of a pink hue on her clit. All signs suggest she has temporarily damaged her erogenous zone with the vibrator.

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I am having pain in my clitoris. I have had it mildly for a few years, but it recently has gotten much worse. It is to the point that I cannot have an orgasm. I have used a vibrator for years, once or twice a week for a few minutes at a time. My doctor prescribed testosterone cream for what she thought was eczema because of some mildly pinkish color to my clitoris. I really thought this was a misdiagnosis. All it has done is frustrate me more because the urge is there without the ability to orgasm. Please let me know if you can help me.


The point of female masturbation is to climax. Whether you’re stressed from a long day at work or just need some “you” time, having an orgasm can clear your mind and allow you to enjoy your own sexuality. But orgasm dysfunction changes this entire perspective, particularly when you still feel aroused but can’t get to that ever-pleasurable peak. Your orgasm difficulty is caused by vibrator damage. Many women don’t know this, but excessive use of a vibrator can be as harmful as it is satisfying.

A Lesson in the Clitoris

The first thing you should understand is the clitoris, that tiny button between your legs that can awash you in waves of ecstasy. Most children discover their genitalia by age six, and they learn how to gratify themselves around that same time. You might therefore say the pursuit of pleasure is an inherent part of every human.

The clitoris is remarkably like the penis, except it’s even more sensitive. Both swell during arousal and have a foreskin and shaft, although the clit is much smaller. But the clitoris differs in many ways as well. Only one-quarter of it is visible from outside the body, and when stimulated this organ can affect up to 15,000 nerve endings throughout a woman’s pelvic area.

How the Vibrator Causes Damage

The far-reaching effects of the clitoris mean it can bring pleasure or pain to many different parts of the female anatomy. This is why an orgasm emits feelings of bliss throughout your body. It is also why the discomfort you’re experiencing is classified as vaginal pain – the clitoris is a part of the vagina.

As a means to enjoy solo sex or to enhance intercourse with a partner, more than half of all women in the United States now own vibrators. Perhaps this is why stories abound concerning the negative side effects of vibrator usage, which include temporary numbness, desensitization and muscle twitches, like those of an eyelid.

These effects again relate to the nerve endings in the clitoris – 8,000 in total, which is twice as many as in the penis. Nerves are not intended to be constantly stimulated, especially with the pulsating aggression of a sex toy. Although your vibrator use has been limited to a couple times a week, it’s gone on for years and has damaged your nerve endings. Some women cause even further damage by trying to reach orgasm with more force, when what their bodies are really telling them is to stop.

Give Yourself Some Time

The pinkish hue your doctor found on your clitoris indicates it has been rubbed raw and needs time to heal. You won’t be able to orgasm again until this happens, meaning you need to stop using a vibrator. This does not mean, however, you can’t try other methods of masturbation. Some women leave their underclothes on as a means of protection for the clit, while others gently stroke themselves with their fingers. It’s all about finding the method with which you are comfortable, which may take time, so don’t grow impatient.

You can also revitalize your clitoris as it heals. An all-natural herbal formula (see: Natural Clitoral Revitalization remedy) will ensure maximum sensitivity is restored so you can once again fully enjoy masturbation. Herbs like Maca and Epimedium can rejuvenate nerve endings, promote healing and even prolong sexual desire. With regular use, you’ll once again appreciate the pleasures of sex.

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