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Depression Leaving Your Sex Life Depressed As Well?

Before my depression last year, I had a really good response sexually to my husband. I had great arousal and no problem with orgasm. Now, I cannot experience an orgasm.

Case #: 26028


Before my depression last year, I had a great sex life. My husband and I enjoyed sex with no problem getting orgasm. But after taking anti-depression pills, I can’t achieve orgasm anymore. My doctor tells me it is not the medication I am taking. He and my therapist feel that it has to do with things emotionally because I am a survivor of sexual abuse. I disagreed, but I can’t stop taking pills.


You can definitely have orgasms again. Sexual abuse obviously has nothing to do with your orgasmic capacity, since you had no trouble achieving orgasms before taking the pills.

Orgasm dysfunction associated with depression can be attributed to few causes, such as:

[1] Hormonal regulation disrupt at depressed state
Low serotonin, DHEA, testosterone, and estrogen contribute to inability to stimulate your Autonomic Nervous Division that affects orgasmic capacity.

[2] Depletion of the neurotransmitters (chemical/hormone messengers) called Acetylcholine (ACh) and Norepinephrine (NE) associated in sexual responses. ACh is released from the parasympathetic and somatic neuron terminals that are part of arousal. NE is released by the sympathetic ganglion cells or by the adrenal medulla. NE helps constrict the veins to trap the hormone-enriched blood in the sex organs to hold the engorgement Depressed individuals often have unhealthy level of ACh.

[3] Some antidepressants or SSRI are known to blocking Ach- or Beta-receptors, which can further decline the sex desire and drive.

[4] Normal production of Dopamine is disrupted during depression. Dopamine, ACh and Norepinephrine are the main chemicals required for energy, feeling good, drive, and libido (where Dopamine dominates over Norepinephrine!). During normal sexual responses, it will power the engorgement of female sex organs to an extreme state so that the sympathetic function triggers the adrenal medulla to produce a Epinephrine (ie. stress hormone, adrenaline) burst to drive the uterine contraction - the ultimate sexual orgasm. This process is disrupted in depressed women.

Take herbs from Botanical Formula To Detoxify & Intensify Orgasm to help your body detoxify toxin residues from antidepressants and restore back normal hormone production. Try Harmony Qi Gong For Women, to re-align your bioenergy inside your body and stabilize your mood. It will make you happy and feel good with happy.

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11/19/2023 5:45:00 PM
This shouldn't happen. I feel like for some sort of reason that when a women has sexual intercourse she snaps out of it. It's sort of like letting a lot of relief go. All that built up stress and such.
It is my pleasure being able to help you

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