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Calling All Anal Virgins!

Learn about the steps you will need to take before engaging in anal sex, and how to fully enjoy it.

Case #: 1727


I am a twenty-six year old female and I have one very important question to ask. Just recently my boyfriend brought up the possibility of trying anal sex and I said no this time because I wasn't too sure about it. I think the real reason I said no was because I am scared because I don't know anything about anal sex. I asked him how was it safe to penetrate my anus when it was possibly full of feces. I told him that it was impossible to have sex like this. He told me that he thinks it's possible and that my rectum is cleaner than I think. I don't know who's right, should I worry about cleaning my rectum and if so, how? Please give me an answer.


First and for most, it is highly unlikely that engaging in anal sex will cause a major potty-mess, if you are careful to take the proper precautions beforehand. As taboo as it may sound, women and men have been engaging in anal sex for many years. If it is done right, and you are protected, you're definitely in for an enjoyable experience.

Precautionary Steps

Before you begin, it would be wise to be sure you use the restroom about twenty to thirty minuets prior. If you are really hung up on the possibility of having an unsightly accident during your anal intercourse session, I would recommend using an Anal Douche system or Enema. (SEE: Douching and Enema System for Anal Hygiene) This is pretty Ideal for anyone interested in anal sex, because they eliminate any hidden fecal matter from those harder-to-reach places within the anus. Subsequently, they are also great for preventing infections.

Though the muscle is strong, we must remember that the actual lining of the anus is very delicate. If the lining is damaged in any way, infections may occur. Eliminating the hard-to-reach grime can lessen your chances of contracting an infection.

Relax And Do It

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you when dealing with anal sex, is to relax and stay calm. I know this will be hard, as you've never engaged in this type of intercourse before. But it is pretty imperative that when it comes down to that moment, you don't. . . Clench. An easy way to achieve this level of relaxation, is to share a warm bath or shower with your significant other before intercourse. This will help to loosen those tight muscles, and calm your mind a bit. You may also try giving each other a sensual massage to loosen up as well.

Protecting The Back Door

No matter if you're dating, in a relationship, or have been married for ten years, you must use a condom every time you engage in anal sex. This will only protect you both from passing any harmful bacteria or sexually transmitted decreases back and forth.

You will also want to pick a water based lube that does not include any fragrances or flavors, as they can cause harm to the anal lining tissues. You also must use lube! The anus is not self-lubricating as the vagina is. You will have to use lube and you must reapply a few times in order to keep everything slick and slippery.

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