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Drunken Anal Sex: How to Enjoy Anal Sex When Not Inebriated

She got drunk, and doesn’t remember telling her boyfriend, “Let’s try anal.” Her boyfriend obliged, but she woke up sore, disgruntled and unaware of her decision.

Case #: 1662


A few weeks ago, I drank too much, and I don’t remember a thing. The entire night felt hazy, and when I woke up, I felt very severe pain around my anus. According to my boyfriend’s account, I agreed to try anal sex the previous night. Worst idea ever. For my boyfriend, however, the idea seemed to bestow the best pleasure he ever felt, and now, we both agreed to give anal another go. What can we do differently--besides not being drunk--to enjoy anal sex?


Next time he’s wasted, why don’t you try introducing a large object into his rectum? He won’t be happy either. Still, anal sex, when performed with the right care and knowledge, can provide plenty of pleasure for both couples. For novices, a few pointers may help avoid an unwanted emergency to the E.R.

Don’t Go Cold!

For anal sex to work, the receiving end has to be in an aroused state. Trying to engage in anal sex without arousal is the worst thing I can imagine--unless you’re into the masochism aspect of BDSM culture. So before anal sex can occur, your boyfriend must pursue foreplay with even more determination than usual. He should caress you from head to foot, engage in oral and manual adoration, and make sure you’re aroused properly. When you’re begging for penetration, that’s when anal sex can begin.

Clean and Clear: Maybe It’s Enemas

Enemas—devices that inject water into the anus and colon to remove filth—provide one means of cleaning the anus. Douches, similar to enemas, provide the same function, except these devices resemble small turkey basters. Whether you choose an enema or a douche, these products must be administered properly for women and men to avoid pain.

Lube, Lube and More Lube

Your rectum cannot produce lubrication the way your vagina does. And the lack of lubrication can lead to cuts, bruising and infections of the anal cavity. If you’re performing anal sex and feel you need more lube, add more. When you’re performing anal, never, never, never allow for anus to vaginal sex because of the risk of UTIs or bacterial infections.

Your partner should apply lube liberally to your anus, applying lube from the exterior to the interior of your anus. Lube will keep you from screaming, and he should go about lubricating with a soft, gentle and arousing manner. After, you should coat his penis with lubrication and allow for insertion.

Make Yourself Feel Good

During this time, you should be touching yourself in whatever way you can to give yourself sexual pleasure. Your clitoris is probably the best option; you get a lot of sensation in a little surface area. The insertion is probably going to hurt; go as slow as you need to. Stop and rest, even. At some point, the sensation of anal penetration should stop hurting and start to feel good, it just takes some time for this to occur, so don’t rush it! From this point on, it’s sex as usual. If you orgasm before he does, it’ll be really uncomfortable for you until he finishes, so try to time accordingly.

I hope this gives you some insight into what anal sex is like sober, and how to best enjoy yourself. It can be fun, but you need a partner who is going to take his time and try his best to give you pleasure. Go buy some lube. (SEE: Guide for Selecting Anal Lube) Good luck!

What to do

Anal Lube Guide

From the popular brands to the I’ve-never-heard-of’em types, anal lubes serve one job: to make sex less painful.

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