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Deep Blue Menstrual Blood with Clot Shredding

She suffers from a bluish menstrual flow and uterine shedding. She has clear pap smears, but it’s affecting her sex life.

Case #: 45039


I am 43 years old and had UTI not long ago. This problem has been bothered me for a long time. When I am on my period I tend to bleed a deep blue red and I also experience shedding clots. My obgyn doc told me that I should not worry about it because that’s minor uterine wall shedding. I have a clear pap smears. This problem is affecting my sexual desire, orgasm, and loss of blood has also made me tire easier. I don’t get orgasm from using vibrator like used to be.

Did You Know?

Some women experience very intense orgasms during their period. Women produce prostaglandins that are known to trigger a contract ion that can cause blood and uterine lining to shed. It's a way to clean up the uterus. It also happens that ejaculated semen during sex also contains a high level of prostaglandins that can trigger a strong uterine contraction for intense orgasm.


You uterine shedding is due to a low level of progesterone and prostaglandin that results in slow separation of the uterine lining. Normally, prostagalndins trigger contractions, which cause blood and uterine lining to shed. So the bluish bleeding is due to vaginal yeasts that change the blood color before discharge. Yes, the menstrual flow is supposed to be true red.

Hormonal Realignment & Detoxification Solution can power your pituitary-ovarian axis to regulate your estrogen and progesterone release and also boosts the anti-inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-1 for resolving your UTI and shredding. Many herbs in the solution are known to reduces vaginal yeast activities and increases your urethral and vaginal immunity by reducing the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-2 in the uterus, cervix and vagina. Consider using Natural or Organic Tampons that might reduce allergic and anti-inflammatory responses.

Follow Up

After 3 weeks trying the recommend solution, the color of last menstrual period is more of a true red color. What a surprised. It’s the same color tone that I had a decade ago. The amount of menstrual flow and uterine shedding has reduced tremendously.

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