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It Doesn't Pump Up Like That

A veteran masturbator has experimented with a penis pump, but the thing has thrown him a curve, leaving his erections crooked and with a distinct angle. What happened? More importantly, can he fix it? Read on and find out!

Case #: 1475


I masturbated frequently as a youth and have tried penile pumping to increase my size. It appears that I have damaged my penis because it is crooked and the penis seems to be curved. Did the penis pump cause my penis to curve?


Penis pumps acknowledge the fact that erections are based on hydraulic pressure: your body forces blood into spongy tissues called the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum and then holds it there until you ejaculate or otherwise relax the erection.

Bad Theory Leads To Bad Products

So good so far, but penis pumps still do nothing to enhance the inner processes that create erections in the first place, let alone adjusting them to produce a permanent increase in erection size. It's a lot like insisting that all a plant needs is sun and water, when it also needs fertilization.

Back To Basics

The spongy tissues mentioned above are contained within tubelike structures running the length of your penis; the left and right corpus cavernosum form the bulk of your erection, while the corpus spongiosum forms a tunnel around your urethra to keep it from collapsing from the pressure of the inflated corpus cavernosa. They become erect as a result of a complicated series of neural and biochemical processes, each one triggering the next until you ejaculate. Trying to pull blood into those tissues without activating the erection process is very similar to forcing extra air into your lungs, in that it may produce short-term effects but will almost certainly produce long-term damage.

For example, every time you become erect, the blood vessels serving the tissues develop a few small leaks. Normally, your body can repair them as good as new in a matter of days. However, if you don't give your body the chance to finish the healing process before inflicting a few new leaks on it, they start adding up. Eventually, there may be so many leaks that your erection noticeably shrinks; you may also find that the damage or the healing is uneven, resulting in curves as you describe.

Using The Repair Kit

The first thing to do is stop using your penis pump. I advise giving it up permanently. Second, stop all sexual activity. In this case, you only have to go without for three weeks, give or take a few days, though cutting down to no more often than once every three or four days will be enough to start the healing process. As your health-care provider would point out, if you want a broken bone to heal, you must not put any stress on it. The same is true for every other organ in your body, including the tissues of your penis.

While you're waiting for your body to finish plugging all the little holes in your penis, you should explore improving your diet. You should look into increasing your intake of zinc and B-complex vitamins. Zinc-rich foods include lean beef or spinach, while B-Complex can be found in most dairy products and leafy green vegetables. Do your own research to find your own favorite sources of these and other nutrients.

Regularly pursuing a moderate exercise program boosts your natural testosterone levels and increases your stamina. Coupled with helping your body metabolize many toxins more quickly, practicing a healthy activity on a regular basis can enhance your sex life in many ways that a penis pump simply can't match.

Finally, you should consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed to address the many issues that not only stem from your penis injury but which may have driven you to try and enlarge your erection in the first place. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Penile Injuries & Trauma) Improved blood circulation will enhance every other need, including getting helpful hormones like prostaglandin E-1 and DHEA to the places they are needed most. Boosted levels of other substances like neurotransmitters and tissue-growth factors will nurture your erection far more effectively from the inside out, and do so in a more healthy fashion.

Be advised that the process will take time, but less time than it took to produce the damage you're repairing. Pursue the healing process with the same diligence as you used to masturbate, and your sex life will improve in due time.

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