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I’ve Lost Everything!

After having had a hysterectomy, a woman has lost her sexual desire. She has attempted to have an orgasm via vibrator for some time, but has had no luck with either the vibrator or masturbation. She wonders if she should begin hormonal birth control, and hopes to somehow regain sensation in her clitoral and vaginal area. What can be done?

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Hello, I underwent a hysterectomy one year ago. I had my ovaries and uterus removed and left my cervix. I lost sexual desire and could not achieve an orgasm for 2 months, and then my husband and I purchased a small vibrator to help give circulation to the nerves and muscles around the clitoral area. The last 3-4 months I have had a lot of trouble having an orgasm. I have tried to masturbate but it’s been unsuccessful. I don't use hormones, but I do have Estradil prescription, and would like to know if I should start to take it again. Will it help me? Please help; I do not know what to do. My husband gives me oral sex when we make love and I just don't have enough sensation in the vaginal/clit area to help me. Thanks.


I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this! Hysterectomies can result in some pretty awful sex lives for women, so don’t feel alone. I have some advice on what you can do to recover your lost sexual experience, and I’m sure you’ll be feeling more like yourself in no time!

Is It That Time Already?

The problem with a hysterectomy is that by removing the ovaries and uterus, the body begins to prepare for menopause, by decreasing hormone levels in the body. That’s why you were prescribed Estradil. Many women, both post-hysterectomy, and pre-menopause, begin hormone replacement therapy so that they don’t have to suffer as you’re suffering.

The Problem with Menopause

During menopause, the ovaries begin producing less sex hormones, and the body begins to suffer peaks and troughs in its day-to-day hormonal levels. This causes problems both in the body, and in the brain, as both need and expect certain levels of these hormones to function properly. Low estrogen causes issues such as vaginal dryness, depression, poor vaginal, vulval, and bladder tissue health. Low progesterone causes hot flashes, panic attacks, mental fog, and weight gain.

Secret Side Effects

Besides these more obvious issues, low estrogen has been linked to low oxytocin, which is necessary for female orgasm. Many women suffering from low estrogen are also unable to orgasm at all, due either to the unhappy conditions of their reproductive areas, or to the lack of oxytocin present in their bodies. By increasing your estrogen levels, via Estradil, or an alternative, you give your body back the hormones it’s desperately craving, and you’ll surely note a change in your sex life as well.

Stop the Scarring

Besides taking good care of your hormones, I’d also recommend that you stop using a vibrator for some time. It’s possible that the continued use of a vibrator has caused scar tissue to build up, making it even more difficult to achieve orgasm, and also interfering with proper sexual response, due to the cramping of blood vessels.

You must allow your body to purify itself of excess scar tissue and any inflammation due to extended vibrator usage. During this time, I recommend beginning an herbal formula designed to rejuvenate and restore your entire female system. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Vaginal and Clitoral Restoration) This compound is truly a godsend for a female suffering from an importune hysterectomy.

Herbs to Heal

It contains herbal compounds that act as estrogen and progesterone, in the form of Black Cohosh, to ease your body’s cravings for those hormones. It also contains mood stabilizers via Evening Primrose Oil, and improves circulation and general feminine health from the effects of Dong Quai and American Ginseng.

I’m sure that by restoring your hormone levels and healing your body, you will soon be having the sex you remember again. I’m sorry this time has been so difficult for you, but things will improve very soon! Good luck!

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