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Saw Palmetto Leaf Tea: The Prevention Method for Urgency

You need to use the bathroom. You need to go now. Your bladder feels as if it’s being stung by a dozen hot needles. Sitting only makes the pain worse; moving only takes your mind off the discomfort. When no bathroom is near, you look for one with a sense of urgency, the way a panicked husband searches for an anniversary gift 20 minutes after arriving home.

For men with urgency issues, this panic and discomfort remains a constant problem. And males with other signs of BPH—nocturia, incomplete emptying or dribbling--could start to see urgency as their biggest issue. If you want to avoid accidents, taking Saw Palmetto Leaf can alleviate unexpected urgency issues.

Solution Highlights
Solution #: 143366
Age: Ideal For: 35+
Symptoms: Frequent Bathroom Use, Inability to Hold Urine
Possible Causes: Weak P.C. Muscles, Prostate Inflammation
Helpful For:
  • Understanding Bladder Urgency

    From the time of your birth up until your death, the prostate gradually grows. The further it expands, the more it squishes against the bladder. With the added pressure, the bladder becomes contorted, making it smaller and less capable of maintaining urine. Meanwhile, the depleted strength in both the P.C. and bladder muscles cannot retain liquid as well as before. When your bladder becomes full, you’re running around panicked and paranoid, the way drivers do when the needle goes past “E” on the gas gauge.

    How Saw Palmetto Helps

    Most supplements containing Saw Palmetto will use the extract from berries. These extracts will work as a counteragent to male sex hormones known as androgens. According to scientists, androgens, along with DHT, enlarge the penis. When DHT binds to receptor sites along the prostate, the tissue starts to grow. Thanks to Saw Palmetto, the extract can

    • Inhibit DHT from binding to receptor sites
    • Break DHT’s bond to receptor sites
    • Reduce estrogen, which may further inflame a prostate

    For males plagued by other BPH-related issues, like incomplete emptying  or nocturia, will likely experience urgency problems too. What’s worse,  after the age of 80, 90 percent of males will experience some, if not
    most, of the BPH-related issue

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