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Growth Hormones, or Human Growth Hormones (HGH), are produced by amino acid cells and promote healthy metabolisms, stimulate cell growth and are associated with many other critical functions in the body. They are responsible for the production of testosterone, DHEA, estrogen, and other enzymes that recharge bio-energy. They are especially crucial for people under 25, who usually have an abundance. Unfortunately, after a person turns 25, the production of growth hormones is reduced by 50%, and so on every seven years thereafter. Highly stressed and sexually exhausted people will experience even further diminishment. 
Obviously, the hormone has become primarily notorious as of late for its use as an illegal performance enhancer in professional sports. Not limited to athletes, the chemical is also used by random people who seek more energy and improved muscle form. How it is obtained, and sometimes abused, is the source of some justified controversy.
Most growth hormones are produced during sleep. Full potential levels may be optimized during the REM stage. Young adults that suffer from severe exhaustion are often sleepless or have restless slumber. Therefore it becomes more difficult for them to overcome exhaustion with the help of HGH, and often other harmful symptoms may result. It is critical to seek natural remedies for them to induce high quality restful sleep in order to maintain a proper HGH level.
As sleep benefits the production of growth hormones, they in turn contribute to better sexual function (among other benefits). Older couples in particular include HGH with their daily supplements. They are frustrated with their declining energy and endurance, and their inability to enjoy activities – like sex. It’s a profound shared act that can require a lot, mentally and physically. HGH is known to promote alertness, elevate moods, and enhance sexuality. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have reported that HGH helped them overcome the problem, and allowed them to engage in satisfying coitus – time and time again.
Couples have been reported to claim that they began having the best sex of their lives after they started responsibly adding HGH to their daily routine. In effect, HGH returned the level of sexual excitement they had when they were teens. Essentially, they’ve said it’s fun again. However, it is important to note that improper use of HGH can lead to adverse symptoms. Prolonged intake can result in the thickening of the jaw, finger and toe bones. Excessive sweating and even tumors are also potential symptoms of HGH misuse.
Obviously, such complications are inherent to extreme abuse, primarily. When taken as an aid for sexual dysfunction, the doses are carefully measured for maximum performance. Often it is blended with herbs with their own healing properties specific to sexual dysfunction. Like any properly used medication, HGH can be rewarding, allowing a person to potentially overcome their sexual woes.

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