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When people age, they begin to feel feelings of fear, depression, anxiety, nostalgia, and sadness over the fact that they are growing older and have left their youth behind. This is perfectly natural and doesn’t last long because most people find that they enjoy their lives much more when they find a sense of constancy and peace in their mid-lives. However, one thing that doesn’t make them feel better is that fact that their sex life is suffering due to the aging process.

When people hit their midlife transition, men increase their risk for prostate problems like prostatitis and cancer. Many of the problems that men are at risk for may lead to erectile dysfunction. When women begin their menopausal cycle, their levels of estrogen decreases, which leads to vaginal dryness and thinning of the vaginal wall making sexual intercourse uncomfortable and painful in some cases. Both men and women are at greater risk from a range of illnesses that may affect their sexual life, interest, enjoyment, and performance.

While it's important to be aware of how the aging process can affect sexuality, it's equally important not to view sexual problems as a natural part of aging. When people hit their midlife transition and start to notice changes of themselves that does not mean that their sex life will take a dive. If people experiencing a midlife transition notice a decline in their desire for sex, or fail to become aroused, they should not hesitate to seek medical help. Many see their decline as a part of the aging process, which simply is just not the case. They do not see the opportunity to get to know each other romantically again as their children will have left home. They don’t look for the silver linings in everything.

While sex tends to be associated with youth or having a family, it is much more than that. It fulfills our basic need for a close connection with another person. There is no good reason why people can't remain sexually active throughout their entire lives. And sex can mean much more than intercourse; it encompasses many different ways of showing affection and sharing intimacy.

A survey taken showed that the reason sexual activity declined with age for both men and women is because their health declines and many lose their partners. Of those who are sexually active, 64% of men and 68% of women are extremely or somewhat satisfied with their sex lives. Out of all those surveyed, only 10% of men and 7% of women report that they are now, or have in the past, taken any medicine, hormone, or other treatment to enhance sexual performance. Among those who have done so, a majority reported that their sexual satisfaction and relationship with their partner improved.

There are many ways that men and women can improve their sexual life during this time. Many sexual enhancement products are on the market for people to try. In the survey taken, those were took the enhancement drugs reported that it had improved their sexual satisfaction. Of all the sexual enhancement products on the market, how do you choose which actually works and is best for you? We have compiled a small list of popular products and tried it out ourselves and rated it as to which one worked best over all for each area.

Besides sexual enhancement products, there are also sexual enhancement techniques that one can learn. These techniques are meant to make one enjoy heightened sensations from making sexual intercourse more pleasurable and to being able to last longer. For example, a technique that we have listed known as Sexual ChiKong Breathing can improve the male’s sexual energy and ejaculation control so that he will be able to last longer in bed to please his partner. This technique is mutually beneficial to both of the partners as it can be practiced together and serves a purpose of relying on each other’s pleasurable sensations in order to pleasure one another further. The Penile Ballooning Massage will enlarge the male penis over time to about 20%-30% of his current penis size. The Finger Plier Method is used to stimulate both the female clitoral and G-spot region for extreme pleasure. There are many other sexual techniques out there for both men and women to learn to better improve their sex life.

Hitting the mid-life is exactly the chance to try to experience new things and begin to appreciate sex and all that it brings even more. By trying new techniques and products, mid-lifers can rejuvenate their sex lives. This is extremely good news and something that young people can’t look forward to; they can’t rejuvenate their sex lives.

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