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Most of us experience heightened anxiety around the holidays. When there’s "too much to do in too little time" you become more susceptible to the telltale signs of anxiety that appear in the form of headaches, muscle tension, insomnia, irritability, and even panic attacks.

Based on influencing the flow of qi (chi) energy from your home or other aspects of your environment, the principle of feng shui is to align energy patterns with the healing forces of nature. The result is a harmonious home that lays the foundation for emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Use The Power of Feng Shui For Stress Reduction

The feng shui of your home mirrors aspects of both your life and health in an objective, tangible way. Survey your home. Do clutter and chaos reign supreme? If so, your home’s feng shui may reflect the emotional, spiritual, and physical issues contributing to your anxiety. But according to accomplished practitioners of this science, you can dismantle anxieties by correcting the energy flow in your intimate living space.

Once you’ve set about to even the flow of feng shui energy in your home, you will immediately notice a decrease of stress and anxiety. You will also see your libido and mood have improved. How is this possible? Well, we respond to the state of our environment. By simplifying the surroundings and making them pleasing to the eye, our own personal energy is equally affected in like-mannered positive ways.

Feng Shui works complementary with natural formula in several ways. Herbs from Natural Hormonal Realignment & Libido Restoration Formula can also help hormonize the Feng Shui bioenergy to improve your mood and sex drive all together. 

Repair All Electrical Systems

Electricity runs through the wires of your home much like qi runs through the meridians of your body. When your home’s electrical system breaks down, it interferes with your energy flow and ability to stay focused, clear, and calm. Avoid energy clogs or leaks by repairing or replacing worn wires, blown light bulbs, and faulty outlets.

Clear Away Clutter

Clutter stagnates energy, both in your environment and in you. Doorway entrances are particularly important, as they set the tone for the feng shui throughout your home. Keep them clear and unrestricted.

Reduce Bedroom Energy

Remove electrical sources such as TVs, computers, and LED clock radios from your bedroom because they leak radiation, depress immunity, and interfere with sleep. The bedroom is meant for rejuvenation, renewal, and intimacy.

Just Add Color

White décor deflects life force and thus neutralizes feeling. Avoid color that invokes feelings of anxiety.

In addition to Feng Shui, there are Ways to Ignite Your Passion and Desire Again that you can also try too.

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