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Wet Dreams: Why Me?
The first time you have a wet dream is a turning point in your life. Covered in a sticky, white substance, in the midst of puberty, many boys find themselves confused, frustrated and upset. Why did it happen? Have you done something wrong? Are you dying? The best way to combat anything is through knowledge.
The Background of Your Wet Dreams
Nocturnal emissions, popularly called wet dreams, typically begin at puberty. Wet dreams are spontaneous orgasms that occur during the sleep cycle, and while common for adolescent, some adults can experience these episodes as well. However once a man begins to masturbate or release this sexual tension with a partner, wet dreams become infrequent. An occasional wet dream is nothing to be alarmed over– but when they become chronic, they can make men feel insecure and worried.
The Cause and Solution
Chronic nocturnal emissions can be caused by over-masturbation. When over-masturbation leads to sexual exhaustion, parasympathetic nerves in the prostate gland become too weak to keep the ejaculate valve shut. In effect, this leaves men open to spontaneous orgasms and nocturnal emissions.
Jin Suo Gu Jing Wang, a mix of well-known herbs, has been known to alleviate chronic wet dreams by focusing on premature ejaculation and seminal leakage. Astragalus Complanatus and Lotus Stamen strengthen the ejaculatory valve to prevent it from dispensing semen or precum. Os Draconis provides a form of calcium that calms the hypersensitive nerves of an ejaculatory valve to prevent leakage. Euryale Seeds and Ostrea Gigas reduce over-sensitivity. Together, these all-natural herbs and minerals can fix the problem.

If over masturbation is the cause of the wet dreams, men should eliminate masturbation from their routine and take Jin Suo Gu Jing Wang to provide the necessary nutrients needed to strength the penis and ejaculatory responses. If you’re having sporadic wet dreams, don’t worry. It’s all a part of being human.

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