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Jedi Mind Tricks To Last Longer
Lovemaking is performed for sport. It’s performed for procreation. It’s performed to complete fantasies. Other times it can be used as a physical display of athleticism.  And sometimes it is done to satisfy all of those reasons.
The amount of mental energy men and women dedicate is exponentially larger than the amount of time actually spent enjoying it. That is the main reason why the experience can become so intense that you may find yourself wanting it to last longer, but are physically incapable of continuing after release.

Stress For Quick Release
Some men need to last a little bit longer. It can feel embarrassing to finish too quickly. But guys tend to stress about sex. The focus on endurance, length and technique force males to take less regard and exaltation for the spiritual combination of two souls in a very sensual and intense mental experience.
Every man has experienced an inability to continue the sexual episode. The problem can occur because of mental distractions. And males, especially younger men, can refuse to attribute mental distractions as the cause for an early exit.

Erection Longevity
The longevity of a sexual encounter will depend on several factors. Mind-altering substances can cause the ability to prevent premature ejaculation, but have the unnecessary risk of causing an overdose and death, as well as nervous, circulatory or organ system failures. While prescription drugs, such as SSRIs that increase endurance, can poison the liver, lead to dependency and result in more severe premature ejaculation problems.
Natural Solutions
Eastern medicine has been working on sexual techniques since the dawn of what we understand as the human condition. Though Western medicine relies on prescription drugs to cure ailments, Eastern Medicine has shown proof that exercising the mind is as important as the medicines we take. Instead of taking the drug, practice strengthening the nervous system’s impulses with calming herbs to provide a firmer erection and a longer lasting sexual experience.
The Taoist's Control Technique, a method that enhances endurance, must be practiced and repeated. The technique gives the practitioner more control of the parasympathetic nerves that open and close the ejaculatory valve, the area responsible for releasing precum that stimulates the penis for an orgasm. Taken with Calm Pills you can control the nerves that open the valve, a man can enjoy sexual encounters for longer. By strengthening the nerve endings, a man can control the impulses of the nervous system.
The breathing technique requires time to perfect. Persistence will overcome adversity and tribulation. The more you practice these methods, the longer you’ll last. The only person who can prevent you from achieving your goal of increased endurance is yourself. Dedication and work ethic will trump all other physical aspects.

Try it out. If it doesn’t work, come and call me a liar!

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