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Shrinking Sexual Prospects – Re-grow Your Smaller Member
Ted had taken a couple of years off from dating after a messy marriage. He’d used that time to focus on developing his business which was doing well. A man of 51 years he sure didn’t look it; he’d been an athlete as a younger man and was athletically built, plus he worked out.
Since his business was flourishing, he figured it was time to re-engage the dating world. He had been masturbating to meet his sexual needs but desired the real thing. He went on a few shopping trips and upgraded his gear to “whore bait” type clothes as he and his friends called them.
Since he lived in upstate Florida he drove down to Miami and got a hotel room for a weekend. He knew that all of the hot women either moved to Los Angeles, Miami, or Dallas, and so he went to the closest place he could in order to find them.
Smaller Package
After arriving and checking into his room, Ted went down to the lobby bar and immediately saw a variety of hot chicks either at the bar or around it. His surefire strategy was to talk to the bartender and seem disinterested in the ladies, and sure enough one of them approached him and asked him where he was from.
After hitting it off, he invited her up to his room for more drinks and when they got there they quickly started making out. After some heavy petting, they disrobed and since they were being so spontaneous they stayed on the couch. She went down on him for a bj and then her head immediately snapped back up.
“Are you even hard?” she asked.
“Huh? What do you mean?”
She suddenly remembered that she had to check on her friend who was supposedly sick in her room and after throwing her clothes back on, bolted for the door.
Ted looked down at his penis and realized that it did seem smaller than it had ever been before.
What Happened?
What happened to Ted happens to many men as they get older. Even though men can have their pick of women as they get older unlike most women, internally their bodies can sometimes be failing them. That’s because as men age they begin to lose testosterone.
As testosterone starts to ebb, a man can gradually go from having a big Vienna sausage to having a shrunken Lil’ Smokey link, similar in size to a toddler’s pecker. Needless to say, this is not a good thing at all, and can lead to men becoming embarrassed as in Ted’s case, after which feelings of anxiety and stress can set in, and eventually depression.
A shrinking member can cause a shrinking pool of potential sex partners because in reality women really desire a large penis, not something that looks like an elevator button. When chicks open up your package and find a tiny wee-wee they usually go bye-bye. So how can you hope to change things if you have a small member?
Reclaiming Your Rightful Size
First of all, you’ll want to ensure that you are following a healthy diet. The nutrients provided by whole, organic foods, can really boost your health and give your body its proper resources. There are certain foods which are high in zinc, which is the precursor to testosterone production. These foods include oysters, lean free-range beef, lamb, chicken, crab, lobsters, spinach, and pumpkin seeds, to name a few.
There is also a special technique called the X-Spot Finder which can turbo-boost your journey back to having a larger penis. (TRY: Reverse V Hook for Shrinking Penis Reversal) The X-Spot AKA Extense Spot, is a region located on the penis where the various penile sensor nerves and perineal nerves are located. This spot activates numerous growth hormones including hGH, which in turn stimulates penile growth.
First you’ll want to get a firm erection. Then, lift your penis up with one hand, exposing the under-area of the penis shaft base (corpus spongiosum). Take your other hand and shape your index and middle fingers into a reverse V-hook shape, like an upside-down scoop. Apply a light amount of pressure with your fingers at your penis’s base and rake it upward toward your penis head (glans).
Do this several times until you feel a spot which is super-sensitive; that’s your X-Spot. Once found, keep stimulating this spot with your fingers for a few minutes. Doing this each day can promote cellular growth within your penis and over time, you can experience penile growth. So what are you waiting for?
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