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Can Watching Porn Cause STIs?
You know the feeling. Sometimes you encounter a pornographic video so disgusting and so depraved that you can actually feel yourself developing Syphilis by watching it. But is there any truth to the myth that porn can cause STIs? The answer may actually be more complicated than you think.

On the surface, you would scoff at the idea that watching porn could actually lead to an infection. This is just an excuse that cheating husbands frantically tell their wives upon returning home from the clinic. “I swear, baby, I never touched another was probably from that video...” To put the controversy to rest once and for all, the answer is “no, but...”
You'll Wish You Had an STI
It's impossible to obtain an STI from watching porn because the “sexually transmitted” part of the equation doesn't really come into play. Even if you physically insert your penis into your hard drive (don't do that, by that way), there is nothing sexual to be transmitted. It's a solo activity. However, there's a huge caveat here. I would point out that porn and masturbation addiction can manifest many of the same symptoms of an STI (along with a few symptoms that are completely unique to masturbation), while also increasing your risk of infection.
Compulsive Masturbation – Not an STI, but an “I” Nonetheless
Porn isn't simply a viewing experience. It's extremely hands on, as they say, and if it becomes habitual, you can do more damage to your penis than you realize. Hormonal imbalances (much like the imbalances caused by certain STIs), nerve damage, tissue damage and ruptured blood vessels are just some of the physical consequences, which lead to afflictions that include soft erections, penis shrinkage, lost libido, premature ejaculation, severe testicle pain, lower black pain and blurred vision. Suddenly Chlamydia doesn't sound so bad.
Increasing Your STI Risk
As previously noted, compulsive masturbation from porn addiction can also increase your risk of contracting STIs. That's because excess masturbation impacts your immunity, breaking down your body's defenses. In addition, the presence of blood and bruising in the genital region leaves you more vulnerable to infection, so when you have sex with an actual partner, you're in a far more dangerous position than you would be under normal circumstances.
Does This Mean That Masturbation Is Bad?
Masturbation is a healthy activity, but porn creates the dangerous potential for sexual addiction, which breeds compulsive masturbation. There's nothing wrong with taking care of your own needs in moderation, but when it becomes habitual, you may be causing serious harm to your body, harm that isn't easy to reverse. There are herbs that can treat some of the tissue damage and restore hormone levels, but the best solution is not to find yourself in that position in the first place.
So next time you're tempted to break out that copy of “Nasty Nymphomaniac Nannies 4,” think of what you might be doing to your body.

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