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Power Your Orgasms with American Ginseng

The Native Americans once surmised that American Ginseng could cure female infertility. Because of this notion, the Native Americans proceeded to procure as much of the valuable herb as possible. Thanks to American Ginseng’s popularity in the States, the herb saw a dearth in its availability. Today, American Ginseng is still a prized herb used for curing infertility, cough, and fevers.

The Role of The Liver

The liver eliminates and releases enzymes essential to the body’s health. When birth control pills, prescription medications, and pain reducers are taken in excess, the body can ineffectually react and release the improper hormones. When the liver does not release enzymes 17 and 20 desmolase, the ovaries cannot convert 17-hyoxyprogesterone into the hormone androstenedione, which is used to convert testosterone and estrogen in order to power an orgasm and elevate sex drive.
When estrogen levels dip because of age, excessive use of birth control pills, medications or recreational drugs, the body will no longer feels sensation in the Clitoris and G-spot. While an increase in the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-2, a side effect caused by excessive ejaculation or abuse of birth control pills, can result in the lack of sensitivity and pain because the body lacks DHEA necessary for an intensified sensation.

When the Ovaries Fail

When the ovaries cannot convert 17-hyoxyprogesterone into the hormone androstenedione, the liver releases 21-hydroxylase and 17-beta-hydroxylase, hormones that turn progesterone into cortisol, which causes premenstrual syndrome symptoms, i.e., mood changes, depression symptoms, and premenstrual pains. The overloading of progesterone, often due to birth control medication, will result in elevated LDL levels (bad cholesterol) that will clog blood vessels and release excess cortisol levels. This excess of cortisol will cause the vulva/vaginal tissues to become inelastic, rigid and non-erectile, leading to intercourse and penetration pains associated with orgasm dysfunction.

How American Ginseng May Help

By taking products infused with American Ginseng, the body can naturally stabilizes its release of proper hormones to power orgasms and libido instead of creating PMS symptoms. Studies have demonstrated that products infused with American Ginseng also help increase the production of DHEA. Women looking to regain the heart pumping, heavy breathing action caused by an orgasm should try products infused with American Ginseng.

American Ginseng is also an important component in these formula:
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