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Yoga Position for Treating Sexually Exhausted Body & Lower Back Pain
Victor knew how to please himself and his partner and did both regularly. He was also a familiar sight at his local gym. He was a gym sculptor—and weights where his tools he used to sculpt his arms, legs and chest into something like a Greek statue.
But one evening, while he and his partner were experimenting with a new position, Victor's back started to spasm. Fortunately, he was on the bottom and escaped further injury, but the fun part of the evening was definitely over for both of them. Over the next few weeks, Victor also noticed that his morning erections were appearing less often. Most embarrassing of all, he was having trouble maintaining erections during sex... and his back pain was getting worse and worse. (Find out your Sexual Exhaustion severity & stages)
What Went Wrong?
In this situation, Victor had a couple of holes in his workout routine. The obvious one was that he wasn't exercising and stretching his lower back. The not-so-obvious one? Not giving his adrenal glands time and resources to recuperate from his exciting life.
Gaps In Your Workout
You tell your buddies at work how many curls you can do and with what weights. You brag to the baristas at your favorite coffee shop how fast you can run 100 yards (or meters), giving the time down to the hundredth of a second. And your partner can mouth along with you as you recite your circuit workout regiment. But if you aren’t properly exercising (and loosening) your lower back, your adrenal glands might be getting weaker--and your sexual performance with it.

The adrenal glands manufacture many of the substances released during an orgasm, and they can be damaged if they don’t get enough time to repair themselves and refuel. A Yoga pose called Cobra On Ball can assist with strengthening the muscles around the adrenal glands as well as generally relieving lower back pain.
Chemical Essence of the Problem
Most people know that sexual activity, either alone or with a partner, causes the body to release various substances upon ejaculation, including norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nitric oxide and the hormone prolactin.

Which is all well and good, but it’s important to recall that these substances are manufactured by various glands (mostly the adrenals) in your body. Much like the fact that a tree can only bear so much fruit in a given growing season, your body’s ability to generate and store these chemicals is limited by how much of the necessary “building blocks” you take in through your diet.

And just like taking money out of your bank account faster than you put money in will leave you with no money, if you force your adrenal glands to generate the substances you want more often than you feed them the nutrients necessary to do so, then eventually they will burn out.

Victor checked with his doctor, and got sound medical advice on stretches and changes in his diet. His partner helped keep him on track until his adrenal glands had enough time to recover... and with a new awareness of his own body, their sex life got even better.

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