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Natural Ways to Reduce Period Pain
That time of the month, huh? The time where everyone is stupid. The moment where everything’s going wrong. And the day you feel that being a women is unfair. Those emotions are thanks to your fluctuating hormones, and your monthly blessings may also include headaches, acne breakouts, and let’s not forget curl-you-up-in-a-ball cramps.
What’s the best way to treat PMS symptoms?
Maybe you’ve tried popping some pain relievers or getting on hormone-based birth control to control your symptoms, but you're worried about some of the possible negative side effects...or maybe they just haven’t worked for you. The good news is that your menstrual cycle doesn’t have to make you so miserable. You just have to give your body what it needs to work the way it’s supposed to. For more severe PMS symptoms definitedly take Natural Menstrual Cramps Relief and below are list of other known beneficial tips.
Unprocessed foods and exercise can help
Unprocessed foods contain contrived chemicals that can make your symptoms worse. Whole foods and exercise can minimize exasperating symptoms.
But what if a good diet and moderate exercise still aren’t enough? Here’s the problem: plants get their nutrients from the soil, and we get our nutrients by eating those plants (or by eating animals that eat those plants).

Unfortunately, due to things like unsustainable farming practices, a lot of the soil that our food is grown in is missing some of the nutrients our bodies need. So, you can be eating a healthy diet and still have deficiencies in certain important minerals.
The menstrual miracle mineral for Cramps
Guess what? There’s one mineral that’s been shown to make a huge difference with headaches, acne and cramps...AND it’s super easy to use, AND it’s cheap! Hello, magnesium, so nice to see you. How will you know if magnesium is right for you? Well, it can be absorbed right through your skin. And you very likely already have some in your bathroom. We just don’t usually call it magnesium...we call it Epsom salts!
So here’s what you do: light some candles, grab your latest read, and let family members know that any disturbances for the next half hour will carry a death penalty. Then run a bath and mix in two cups of Epsom salts. And enjoy. The heat from the bath should give you some immediate relief for your cramps. You can do this as often as you like, and you should start seeing results from the magnesium pretty quickly. Don’t like baths? Try a foot bath with one cup of Epsom salts...and then maybe a pedicure... 

Oh, and you know what else has a lot of magnesium? Dark chocolate. You may just start looking forward to your period! (Alright, alright, let’s not get carried away.)

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