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ITCHY, ICKY & DRY - Balancing the pH can relieve vaginal itching

Perhaps among the most unpleasant and embarrasing problems specific to females is the affliction of vaginal itching. It is most often caused by sexually transmitted diseases, infections, or the changes that commonly occur in vaginal pH levels, particularly during pregnancy. These changes cause irritations in the form of itch sensations. Persistent vaginal itching is also commonly associated with yeast infections that are also the result of a shifting pH.
If the itching is caused by the changes that occur during pregnancy, there are a number of self-help treatments that may relieve the annoyance while balancing and lowering the pH. Baths treated with baking soda may actually moderate a high pH. Or a paste made out of baking soda and water can be applied to the affected area. Cold compresses are also known to provide relief. Oddly enough, the lower levels of pH that is found in semen make it likely that unprotected sexual intercourse may even lower a high pH. This is to be tested only with an implicitly trusted partner, of course.
Maintaining good hygiene is very important. The vulvar / vaginal area should be kept clean and dry. This will enable vaginal itching to be treated effectively by any one of  the many herbal supplementation methods such as Aloe, which is known for its healing effects. It can be applied topically to relieve itching, taken internally, or used in a douche. The herb barberry has potent infection-fighting properties, while Calendula and vitamin A are known to sooth and heal sensitive areas. Goldenseal suppositories and extracts are useful for all types of infection and Chamomile has anti-fungal properties.
To prevent occurrences of vaginal itching, one should supplement their diet with lactobacillus cultures (lactobacillus is known as a ‘good’ type of bacteria) that are important components of proper ph and chemical balance in the vagina. These can be found in the Lactobacillus For Healthy Vagina formula.
Always check with your doctor before trying any self-treatments or over-the-counter medications for vaginal itching, particularly to rule out the possibility of STDs or STIs.

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