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Rubba Dub Dub Dry Vagina In The Tub
When it comes to sexual woes, women unfortunately end up taking the lead. We take the pills, have the babies, make the milk, all while trying to hold on to some semblance of order in our lives. However, repelling unsightly vaginal outcomes can actually be pretty easy, when you know how your body reacts to certain ingredients and products. Personally, I am very sensitive to products with a heavy fragrance. I am also highly allergic to coconut oil. Because of this knowledge, I am able to bypass any itching, sneezing or burning health risks.
Dry As A Bone
Many women who experience vaginal dryness, and are not on their way to premenopause, may attribute their problems to something as simple as the type of soap they are using. A soap, detergent, shower gel, bath salt, or body wash with a strong fragrance has the potential to dry the vaginal area until it vaguely resembles the Sahara desert.
If you believe that this has happened to you, there are some quick and easy fixes to your vaginal troubles. I would obviously recommend discontinuing the use of the soap or shower gel that you feel is causing the dryness. You can also help bring on the missing lube by sticking to only cotton underwear during your day. And when bedtime rolls around. . .go commando! Not only will this help to stave off the dry factor, no panties at night also will decrease your chances of contracting a yeast infection.
Soap Switch
You can also prevent this type of irritation from reoccurring by switching to a new soap or shower gel that does not include fragrances or dyes. There are many natural and organic soaps and detergents out there that are popping up in popular supermarkets all around the country.

If your dryness is occasional or not very severe, try variuos wild yam moisturizing gel & creams to help you out...(find out which moisturizing creams are suitable for you)

If you suffer from more severe dryness, I would also suggest utilizing a natural remedy that includes ingredients such as Wild Yam, Panax, Ginseng, Dong Quia, and Licorice. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Vaginal Dryness Relief) These herbs will help to greatly increase the production of vaginal lubrication.
Before you choose your plan of action, be sure that you are indeed suffering from vaginal dryness, and that your soap is what is specifically affecting your situation. There are numerous other reasons that could be causing your vaginal dryness. Menopause, hormonal imbalances, and antibiotic uses are just a few of the possibilities that may contribute to vaginal dryness problems.
Other Factors
Also, you should keep in mind that there is a difference between not becoming aroused and not being able to produce lubrication. I'm sure every woman has experienced a sexual session with their significant other that didn't exactly have them swinging from the chandlers. If you are still able to experience the desire for sex, but you are unable to produce lubrication, then you are most likely suffering from vaginal dryness.
This condition may also occur in women between the ages of thirty-nine and forty-five, who are approaching menopause. In this case, the vaginal dryness is actually due to the hormonal imbalance that comes along with “the change."
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