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Ignorance is NOT Bliss: When Opting for Anal Pleasure, Do Your Homework First to get It Right

Sex toys come in all varieties for all tastes. From glass dildos and latex sleeves to flavored lubricants and bedroom swings, toys transform the body into a pleasure wonderland. But don’t think toys are intended merely for traditional sex. Instruments of eroticism range from mild to kinky and, as such, can even be used for backdoor action.
Before we go further, we should mention the focus of this discussion is anal beads. These mysterious toys seem to have no origin, although an interest in the anus can be traced to early Greece. Anal beads are designed for one-at-a-time insertion into the butt. Once removed, they can give an explosive orgasm to both men and women. Using them correctly, however, requires more than a little patience.
A Willingness to Experiment
The words “use correctly” are loaded with meaning when it comes to anal play. Lacey, who began experimenting with backdoor sex in her early 20s, learned this the hard way.
“I was and still am a fairly vanilla girl,” she admits. “I know what I like in bed and don’t see the need to experiment. It’s like that old saying: why fix it if it isn’t broken?
“I was dating a man who appeared to be heterosexual,” she continues. “He ogled good-looking women and was very adept in bed. But Tyler pulled the rug out from under me when he asked how I felt about anal sex. I’d always associated that act with homosexual males. When I blurted this out, Tyler admitted he was bisexual. He then went on to say an anal orgasm is very powerful, totally different from traditional intercourse.”
Full of worry, Lacey finally agreed to backdoor play - but not anal sex. Tyler brought a plastic set of beads to her apartment and, after assuring Lacey he had properly cleaned them, squirted lube on the beads and her anus. A lot of lube, Lacey recalls, to eliminate the possibility of pain.
“Each bead was gradually larger than the next,” she says. “He inserted the first, then the next and finally the last. I felt like my body was stuffed full. It wasn’t an unpleasant sensation, just different. Then he pulled the beads out, and I felt a rush come over me. It wasn’t an orgasm – it was a need to use the bathroom. I had to go poop.”
A Right Way and a Wrong Way
Using sex toys from previous partners is never a conduit for romance. To properly share an experience, both partners must be involved from start to finish. (TRY: Anal Beads For Pleasure) Hence, Lacey and Tyler should have purchased new anal beads together. This would have avoided the possibility of spreading bacteria from one person to the next and allowed them to select beads they both enjoyed.
“Our anal experiment was not intimate,” Lacey says. “Tyler’s beads were rough, like a cheap kid’s toy, and really big. Experience has since taught me beads should be smooth. And different sizes are available…I prefer smaller beads myself.”
Lacey acknowledges anal play requires a fresh start, meaning she now goes to the bathroom about 45 minutes before having sex. She even uses an enema so worry of an accident never impedes her pleasure.
Finally, lubrication must be used with all anal sex acts. It prevents damage to delicate tissues, eases penetration and eliminates pain.
“Now that I know what I’m doing, I enjoy anal sex,” Lacey says. “I share my story so others don’t have to endure so much trial and error. There’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to backdoor action.”
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