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Children: The Great Destroyer of Sex
A mother’s job is never over—neither is a mother’s sex life. It’s a fact: Kids ruin your sex life. Stress, work, soccer practice and household messes impede your personal desires, and after kids, your house transforms from a peaceful sex haven to a convent.
After a few kids, most couples see an ebb to their sex lives—especially couples with infants in the household. According to published studies, couples with children spend an average of 20 minutes a week being intimate. 20 minutes a week! You take coffee breaks longer than that, and for men and women with voracious sexual desires, the lack of sex can present a huge issue. Despite the decrease in sex, couples can still engage in a fulfilling, sex-filled relationship.

Keeping The Lovemaking GoingYour life has changed, but your kids should not alter your sex life. Keeping sex going after kids presents a few obstacles and time-restrains, such as no sex at midday or no loud screaming. Still, these tips can keep your love life going even after 10 kids.
  1. Flirt Often--With Every Medium Possible: One major complaint from couples in long-term relationships is the lack of intimacy. Flirting keeps the romance alive and provides a great outlet for maintaining your sex life. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you must stop flirting with your partner. Keep the intimacy alive by flirting often and with every medium possible. Send steamy text message, raunchy emails and sweet phone calls to prepare for late-night sexual escapade.

  2. Dating From the Comfort of Your Home: Before kids came along, you had traveled and adventured the world. After kids, your travels and adventures consisted of round trips to the grocery store or pharmacy. You replaced lying on exotic beach to lying in exotic positions from the sheer exhaustion felt. Replacing exotic beaches for erotic movie nights can prove just as thrilling, and being at home does not effectively end your dating experience. Instead, couples should encourage at-home dating, e.g., movie nights, romantic dinners and spa nights.

  3. Keep It Kinky: Changes to your normal sexual routine help maintain the romance, so role-play, try on some cowboy boots and chaps or visit a sex shop. Deviating from your normal sexual activity will prevent boredom and ensure sexual satisfaction

  4. Sex Now, Work Later: Kids leave you exhausted, and most parents agree that after working, cooking, cleaning and helping with homework, sleep becomes the number one desire. Forget the best sitcom on television, the gym or sex, all you just is some sleep. You’re walking around in a zombie-like state, and you need the essentials: food, water and rest. Sex can wait. If you feel deprived, skip a day at work to recover from missed sleep and engage in some naughty time while the kids remain stuck at school.
Small investments today provide big payoffs tomorrow.

You will notice an immediate boost to your sex life, happiness and satisfaction levels by making small sacrifices. Yes, kids can place an immediate halt on your sex life—especially when all you want is sleep. You sacrifice for your kids, but your sex life should not be one of those sacrifices.

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