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One Toy, Two People, Endless Possibilities: The Cock Ring with Vibrating Testicle Ring Stimulates Both Partners and Corrects Sexual Dysfunction

Thomas manages an adult novelty store in a busy, thriving metropolis. He is a laid-back guy with a hip look: stylishly messy hair, glasses and multiple bands on his thin arms. He’s dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans and looks altogether comfortable from his perch behind the novelty store counter. In fact, Thomas enjoys talking about his profession because, as he explains, it allows him to help others in “their journeys to sexual satisfaction.”

The Conversation
Us: What is the number one selling item in your store?
Thomas: We have two items that people often come in for. One is the glass dildo, a popular choice with females who don’t have the time or inclination for romantic relationships. The other is the cock ring.
Us: Why is the cock ring so popular?
Thomas: Around 18 million American men have some type of erectile dysfunction. This isn’t to say all of them can’t get hard, but they all have something not quite right with their erections. The cock ring corrects these problems and restores their confidence. (TRY: Vibrating Cock Ring for Urgent Help)
Us: For those who don’t know, how does a cock ring work?
Thomas: It’s a simple device, which partly explains why it’s so popular. Men just slide it over their penises to maintain an erection. We have a bunch of varieties – some have nubs around the ring to stimulate females during intercourse, others are smooth and round without frills. Our most popular is the cock ring with a vibrating testicle ring. During sex, it pulsates through the man’s and woman’s genitals with the added benefit of stimulating the testicles. Of all our cock rings, it gives the most satisfying experience.
Us: Are men intimidated to buy these devices, or do they seem pretty comfortable.
Thomas: It depends on where a man is at with his sex toy experience. A guy who has just realized he has weak erections and/or premature ejaculation doesn’t strut in here and loudly proclaim he needs a cock ring. He’s more discreet, afraid to draw attention to himself. Those are the customers I spend the most time with because I want them to understand the devices they purchase are safe and effective. But they must be responsible with these rings and use them correctly. That’s part of my job – to educate customers.
Us: You said men need to be responsible with cock rings. What does that mean?
Thomas: It means they need to know how to properly use them. Cock rings at one time had a negative reputation because men didn’t understand what they were for and how they should be worn. For instance, the ring should only be used for 30-minute intervals to avoid bruising or impotence. It must be washed before each use, and lubricant should always be applied before wearing the cock ring.
Us: If cock rings are effective, does that mean all men can wear them?
Thomas: Sure. Like the female vibrator, they’re sexy and encourage passion during lovemaking. But they’re most ideal for men, like I said, who have weak erections, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
Us: Do repeat customers come in for cock rings?
Thomas: Of course. Listen, cock rings keep a man harder for longer. Who wouldn’t want that?
Us: And they prevent premature ejaculation?
Thomas: They keep blood in the penis so a man can keep his erection and also resist the urge to come during sex. I have customers with several varieties of cock rings. But I can’t stress enough the most popular is that with the vibrating testicle ring. It stimulates a man like nothing else on the market.

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