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Penis Looking Smaller? That May Be Just the Beginning
To most guys, there are few things more devastating than the prospect of a shrinking penis. In fact, if you polled 100 guys, asking if they would rather lose inches from their penises or would prefer to be slowly eaten alive by a great white shark, a surprising number of those men would have to pause for a few moments and think about their decision.

And yet, penis shrinkage is a reality for millions of men, and what's worse, it's often just phase one in a long list of painful symptoms, all of which stem from the same dreaded cause: too much masturbation. 
Large Compulsion = Small Penis
Can chronic masturbation actually shrink your penis? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but yes it can. But that's not even the bad news, at least not all of it. As noted by WebMD, the actual size reduction results from a combination of plaque buildup in the arteries and scar tissue in the penile chambers. Both of these accumulations act as barriers of healthy blood flow, which results in smaller, softer erections. So perhaps your dad was right when he told you to keep your hands above the covers and to limit your showers to five minutes (or maybe that was just my dad?). 
But chronic masturbation doesn't just impact penis size. It disrupts healthy interaction within the endocrine-nervous system and leads to hormonal imbalances. Your body depletes not only sex hormones like testosterone, but also inflammatory hormones become over produced, like prostaglandin E2 and DHT, which cause inflammation in the prostate and urethra. This over production can contribute to penis and testicle pain, and even other symptoms like thinning hair, blurry vision, eye floaters and a sudden, onset desire to jump out a 10-story window (please don't) further on Penis Shrinkage Casued by Chronic Masturbation.
Restoring Your Healthy Penis
Who would have thought that a loss in length would be the least of your worries? After years of chronic masturbation, you've jerked your way to a life of constant penile soreness and perhaps even a loss in vision. Is this the end of the road? Is there any turning back? Is there any way of securing a truce between yourself and your exhausted penis? The answer, fortunately, is yes. 
The first step is to offset the hormone imbalance. There are some great herbs that can help you in this respect, but first and foremost, you must set your penis free from its life of indentured servitude. Now I'm not suggesting that you join a monastery; strap on a chastity belt; and forever deny yourself the joys of orgasm. I'm merely suggesting that you cut way back on the masturbation and remember that your penis is sensitive, and it's not made to be a 9-to-5 sperm factory. 
Now about those herbs. Thankfully, various herbs can restore damaged tissue, improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and balance hormones. For example, Cuscuta enhances the production of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow for firmer erections, while Cistanche contains anti-inflammatory properties, which ease the production of DHT and relieve the pain. 
It's not about herbs, or masturbation or even measuring tools. It's about taking care of your body and remembering to enjoy life's pleasures in moderation. Even a pet dog will get worn out if you spend all day playing with him, though now that I think about it, that's a rather creepy analogy, so I'll just cast that one aside and wish you all the best with your reproductive health...(Learn: how to recover)
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