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Pump, Pump, Pump It Up! A Beginner’s Guide To Penis Pumps
Are you curious about how to achieve some extra girth and length, but you have no clue as to how to go about growing? Well look no further than the all mighty penis pump.
I have to admit, the first time I ever saw a penis pump, I didn't know what to think about it. So you can only imagine how wide my eyes grew the first time a significant other whipped one out before sex. To say it came as a surprise would be a major understatement. I think that my major problem with the device at the time, was that I just didn't understand why exactly my boyfriend needed to use it.
I Want A Growth-Spurt
I was very self conscious when I first became intimate with this particular person, and I suppose I mistook his erectile dysfunction for him not finding me sexually attractive.
I think many women who are put in similar situations, often blame themselves or begin to actually believe that their mate no longer has a desire to have sex with them. The truth is quite the opposite. Erectile dysfunction touches a large number of men for a multitude of reasons.
The Common Cause
Depending on your particular walk of life and your medical history, a man may experience low libido problems or erectile dysfunction because of a number of factors and causes. However, the most common causes include; Age progression, diabetes, overall diet, drug or alcohol abuse, and lack of exercise.
You may not take it into your everyday consideration, but what we put into our bodies really has a deep impact on how well, or how poor the complete system of the human form works for us. If you are really serious about achieving an erection that is more powerful, longer, and stronger, I would definitely have you look first to what exactly it is that you are consuming on a daily basis.
If your diet consists of fatty red meats and high sugary treats, I would want to put an immediate stop to that. The only thing that will be gained by foods such as these is weight.
The Pump, Step By Step
The first time you use a penis pump can be a little intimidating. Let's just face it, nobody wants to be rushed to the hospital with a penis pump permanently suction-cupped to their genitals...It's just not a good look. So it would probably be in you, and your penis's best interest to take things slow the first time around.
Before you begin to pump, you'll want to apply some light lubricant around the opening of your pump. It is also best to preform the pumping while in a seated position. (TRY: Penis Pumps for Pumped Penis) Also, you'll want to be at least semi-erect before you begin the process of pumping.
If at anytime during the use of the pump you notice any discoloration of the skin tissue, you should stop pumping immediately, release the air pressure, and remove the pump.
I'm sure it would also be greatly appreciated by all the significant others out there, if you explained exactly why you feel you need some extra help getting it up in the sack. Believe me, a woman's mind at peace is totally worth the uncomfortable five minute conversation it will take to explain.
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