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Going Soft in Paradise – When Your Little Guy Down There Lets You Down
No…it’s Real
When he got to his hotel he dropped his suitcase off at his room and hit the lobby bar for couple of drinks. No sooner had he plopped down into a chair at the bar that a tanned, dark-haired beauty across the bar smiled at him. “What was going on here?” he thought to himself…he turned around to see if she had been smiling at another man behind him but there was no one. When he turned back around the bartender served him a drink, telling him that the alluring woman across the bar had bought it for him.
Not wasting any time, Hugo sauntered over to the other side of the bar and sat next to the beauty, who wore a low cut dress to show off her ample breasts. A few mutual cocktails later and he and his new friend were engaged in some heavy flirting. Shortly afterward she indicated that she’d like to visit his room. They started making out in the elevator upward and after rushing to his room, began taking each other’s clothes off.
Hugo’s heart felt as though it was going to burst through his chest when he saw what kind of amazing body that the woman was packing. Without missing a beat he started rolling around on bed intertwined with her and engaged in some serious deep tongue smooching. He rolled her onto her back and pressed her silky legs back from behind her knees, preparing to enter her vagina.
Then he looked down and suddenly noticed that his member was soft. He struggled mightily to cram it into her but it felt as if he was playing with a large pasta noodle. She smiled and jerked him off until he climaxed but he’d felt terrible about letting her down…and wondered how it could have happened.
The Culprit
Men love sex, that’s pretty obvious by now. Women love it too of course but after talking to many people (men and women) from numerous countries from the United States, Latin America, and Europe, there is a decided difference in how the genders engage each other.
Women from English speaking Western countries (United States, England, parts of Canada) tend to be very indirect, and play various games such as the “chase game.” They also tend to want a man to perform some sort of task before any sex is involved such as washing the dishes, since most American women don’t cook or clean anymore.
Women from Latin American and most European countries tend to be as upfront and forward as men in terms of indicating a desire for sex, and many men report this fact as being refreshing indeed. Some even make the move to their favorite foreign country of choice because of this.
But what happens if a man ends up in paradise with a broken arrow i.e. soft penis and can’t even get aroused? Well if he has been masturbating too much several things can start an unfortunate chain-reaction which can ruin his ability to get hard.
Firstly, when a man plays with himself too often he can cause a spike in his prolactin levels, which in turn can result in his pituitary gland and hypothalamus glands over-converting the dopamine-norepinephrine-adrenalin cycle. When this happens, a man can lack the amount of dopamine in his body to power a proper erection. If this downward spiral continues unchecked it can eventually lead to impotence. So how does one turn things around?
The Big Cool Down
Pyrola AKA “wintergreen,” is an herb that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and has been long used to treat people suffering from bladder and prostate problems, as well as numerous gastrointestinal issues such as enteritis and gastritis. (SEE: Pyrola for Erection Restoration)
But it can also be useful for another purpose: increasing you erection quality. Since it has such potent anti-inflammatory qualities, it can greatly reduce the amount of prostaglandin E-2 in your body (which is an inflammatory agent).
As the inflammation within your body subsides and your hormonal levels balance out, you can enjoy a return to getting not only morning wood once again, but also nice hard “stiffies” when you need to. So don’t wind up in Hugo’s situation when you visit paradise; remember it’s always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!

Hugo just couldn’t wait - he stared out of his jet liner window at the beautiful country of Colombia below. In minutes he’d be stepping out into the city Bogota and all of its sights, sounds, and smells. A couple of his male co-workers had vacationed in Colombia previously and told him that it was a must-visit place in terms of the natural beauty of the place, nice and friendly people, and of course gorgeous women.
To prepare for the trip, he’d been checking out some Colombian women online as well as other women from South American countries. This had turned into him jacking-off to porn featuring these women, and he fantasized incessantly about having sex with them. Now he had the chance to experience the real deal.
After touching down he made his way to the airport’s main entrance and hailed a cab. A taxi promptly arrived carrying a passenger; a hot blonde woman who was obviously of Latin American descent. As she disembarked she gave him a sultry look and held the door open for him. Was he dreaming or something? The cab whisked him away before the befuddled Hugo could even do anything about the situation such as maybe get her number, etc.
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