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When It Hurts to Pee - The story of one man’s battle with a burning prostate and his quest to get “back to normal”

It is estimated that upwards of 50% of all men will experience a painful condition of the prostate known as Prostatitis. It’s an inflammatory condition that is most often characterized by burning sensations that accompany urination, and in more extreme and unfortunate cases, ejaculation. Although one might prefer to reduce the times he urinates in order to avoid such scorching discomfort, the condition actually tends to increase frequency of urination – greatly. Men who reported previously getting up only once a night to urinate revealed that they arose up to five times nightly after they developed the condition.
Steve Yarnell, a 45 year old postal worker in Santa Clara, CA, admitted, “I couldn’t take it, standing over the toilet, writhing in pain as driblets of fireballs came out. I couldn’t even have sex, it was even more painful to cum!”
Steve’s plight is not uncommon. Although his prostatitis condition was of the non-bacterial form (also called ‘chronic pelvic pain syndrome’ or CPPS), it is the most commonly diagnosed of the disorder. It can affect men of any age, and appear with alarming urgency, and disappear just as suddenly. It is most always of an inflammatory nature.
Although samples of urine, semen, and prostatic fluid taken from Steve contained the healthy cells that fight infection, no bacteria were found. This was an positive indication that he didn’t have Acute Bacterial Prostatitis, which is potentially life threatening. With it, the burning sensations are accompanied by a variety of other unpleasant symptoms such as chills, fever, back and genital pain and body aches.

I couldn’t take it, standing over the toilet, writhing in pain as driblets of fireballs came out. I couldn’t even have sex, it was even more painful to cum!

However, an additional symptom that Steve did endure was an enlarged prostate. When it’s in an expanded state, the prostate pressures the urethra and surrounding tissues, causing perplexing issues such as a slow-starting urine stream, dribbling, and a constant urge to urinate. As Steven complained, “It got to the point where I didn’t want to go to the ballgame, my favorite thing to do, because peeing became such an unpredictable event!”
Of course the natural process of aging will bring about it’s own complications, but what’s not commonly recognized is the fact that excessive ejaculation can also abrade the prostate and induce painful symptoms such as urination difficulty after ejaculation. 
Excessive sexual stimulation, masturbation, and ejaculation often lead to an overproduction of various androgen and estrogen hormones that cause fatigue of the sex organs while converting many harmful metabolites that will bind to tissues and remain in the body for a long period of time. Androgen hormonal imbalances leads to an excessive production of DHT that can trigger a chronic protein collagen release which hardens the inflamed prostate, leading to chronic prostate enlargement.
Steve, mindful of his own sexual indulgences and wary of the constant co-pays of his insurance, sought to research potential natural remedies that didn’t require a prescription. He found what was aptly named the Herbal Tincture For Painful Prostatis. Although his course of action was successful, it is always recommended to consult a doctor first (and immediately if you are experiencing adverse symptoms).
The Herbal Tincture For Painful Prostatis solution was simple: use plant hormones to "coat" the hormone receptors of the prostate and disbind (free) excess estrogen, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from them, thereby shrinking the prostate tissues and cooling the prostate sympathetic nerve.
Steve learned that he could actually get plant hormones from seeds, nuts, soy products and tonic herbs such as Saw Palmetto, Nettle, Pygeum Bark, Kava Kava, and Ginseng. But it was the Herbal Tincture that combined all the necessary elements, containing sufficient hormones to protect the prostate from accumulating excess estrogen, testosterone and DHT, expelling unwanted hormones and attaching them to receptors to form a "protective coating" for the prostate tissue.
“I feel great” Steven happily acknowledges, “I’ve also changed my diet. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits to protect my cells and I barely touch red meat or dairy. Changes to diet are strongly suggested as an aide to the tinctures healing process and I gotta tell ya, it works! If I was ever normal, well, I’m back to it!”
A burning prostate should never be considered normal. Be like Steve – stop the burning and live free of urinary complications.

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