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The Desire’s there, but not the Drive! - Dealing with lost libido

Getting old isn’t for the faint of heart. There are endless grueling factors one may have to brave, such as weight gain, graying and loss of hair, chronic pain, decreased vision, etc… perhaps among the most psychologically damaging effects of aging a man must endure is the loss of libido. The cause is easily attributable; with age comes a decrease of sex hormones, particularly testosterone.
Besides dealing mentally with the decreased urge for sex and diminished motivation overall, men can be impacted by reduced testosterone in other ways, too. Physically, changes to the body occur, often in the form of uncontrollable abdominal obesity. Reduced testosterone also manifests itself pathologically, as low levels of testosterone are statistically linked to Diabetes, Hypertension, and Chronic Fatigue

There are many reasons why hormone production may become hindered. Anything from aging and sexual exhaustion to related chronic problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, genetic disorders, cirrhosis of the liver, pituitary gland dysfunction, kidney failure, and AIDS, to external catalysts such as chemotherapy, testicular injury, prescription drugs, etc… all may cause lowered testosterone.
If you experience a decreased sex drive and don’t suffer from any of the conditions listed above (to the best of your knowledge), check with your doctor, just to be sure. Have the testosterone levels in your blood measured. Remember, the cause of the symptom is most often the matter that must be addressed first.
There are many doctors who would recommend testosterone replacement therapy via bi-weekly intra-muscular injections, testosterone patches, testosterone gels, and many other methods, some of which are unproven and controversial.
However, testosterone levels can be restored naturally through a diet rich in various potent herbs. Remedies named after the respected physicians who concocted them, such as Herbal Male Libido Formula or Orgasmic Disorder For Men are both known to be effective in re-energizing the sex drive of older men. There are more traditional remedies, too, such as The Jurassic Elixir of Life and the Shaoling Fuel Explosion Concoction, which are also quite popular.
Herbs common to these formulas are Shizandra and Horny Goat Weed. The latter is used in many sexual dysfunction herbal formulas because of its penchant for strengthening nerves, channeling sexual energy, and increasing sperm production. Over the years it has been researched thoroughly, and more than 200 active compounds have been identified within it. It has become known as an aphrodisiac that nourishes the blood and promotes healthy and firm erections. The Chinese fruit, Shizandra is used as a mind enhancer, beauty herb, and sex tonic. It increases the production of semen, relieves sexual fatigue and encourages sexual staying power.
Given the manner in which these herbs manifest themselves, it’s pretty obvious how testosterone may be returned to its optimal level by taking them. Also restored is the once-depleted sex drive that brought you here in the first place. Hopefully now you’ll be able to leave reduced virility in the dust and kick start your sex drive into high gear!

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