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Sex Position: Saddle Up, Cowboy

Ladies, prepare to ride this little horsy all night long. You’re in command of this ride, so give him a “Yeehaw!” If you’re a cowgirl at heart, get your lasso and cowboy hats ready for a fast-paced thrill of a horseback ride. Just let your partner know in advance the expectations of this ride.
Men will lie on their backs with their knees bent. Ladies, make sure he spreads his legs apart so you can lasso him up nice and tight. Once you get him to penetrate, place your feet toward his face to kick your spurs into him if your horsy starts to lose steam.  

Why She’ll Love It:

You’ll start off with a gallop, and you may even slow to a trot to prevent your horsy from losing its momentum. With your legs thrusting back and forth, you can control how fast or slow the tempo goes, and you too can dictate the pleasure threshold.

You may like it fast and rough or you may enjoy a slow, deep thrusting pace. Whatever you like, ladies, you’re in control. Rein your horse in for a gentle trot of pleasure or kick in your spurs for a powerful gallop.

Why He’ll Love It:

You may enjoy looking into her eyes while she rides up and down on your pleasure pole. And while she will control the tempo, you too can decide on the speed.

Synchronizing your thrusts will give you and her ample pleasure. The deeper you can go, the better. Just understand that you’re the horsy, and she controls the speed.

About This Position 

Sex Position Number: 147
Difficulty: Experienced    
Pleasure for Him: High
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For: P.E.
Other Positions You May Like: Banana Split
Ideal Penis Size: 5 inches +
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: Medium

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