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Wouldn't it be great if when we were born, our parents were handed a list of things we were allergic to? Think about it, that kind of knowledge could be invaluable! Unfortunately, there are no allergy psychics that have popped up in my life, and I'm betting a lot of other people haven't found them either.
Luckily, our bodies are pretty fast acting when it comes to irritation. I just so happen to be one of those girls who seems to be allergic to all the fun things in life. I can't ingest caffeine without breaking into a rash on my forearms and face. This cuts out practically every food that I crave when aunt flow comes to visit. No caffeine means no soda, no coffee, and yes. . .No chocolate!
I've also seemed to develop some rather finicky skin over the years. I've come to terms with the fact that I have eczema, and I will probably always have to fight it for the rest of my life. It's actually pretty easy to do when you have the right tools in your arsenal, and you know exactly what kind of products to use, and what kinds to stay away from.
Finicky Flesh
One of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome when it came dry skin prevention was clothing detergent, of all things. I was experimenting with different brands and intensities to see what exactly it was that irritated my skin so much. However, my experimentation came with a price, a very dry price. A few weeks into the experiment, I began to realize a noticeable dry spell in the vagina department. I was no longer able to properly self lubricate myself, and as a result, the vaginal area had begun to itch and burn with irritation.
I learned quickly just how important being “wet” can be, and there was now a 'burning' desire to bring back the moisture my vagina was thirsting for. I also considered why exactly this was happening to me. I knew it had to have something to do with the new detergent I was using, because the most recent one I had switched to had made me break out in rash on my arms almost instantly.
Fixing the Fickle
My first plan of action was to discontinue any further use of that specific detergent. I then rinsed all of my clothes in the wash twice without the use of any soaps or detergents, in order to cleanse them of any traces of the offending detergent. And when I dried the clothes I didn't use any static sheets or fabric softener at all.
Once I was sure my clothes would no longer be attacking me each time I put them on, I moved on to trying to figure out how to bring back the lost moisture to the vaginal area. Some ill informed women might suggest douching to rectify a situation such as this, and I would say that those women are completely out of their minds. After days of itching and burning sensations, the last thing I would want to do is add vinegar to the mix.
What definitely works are herbs such as Pyrola, Wild yam, and Licorice. (SEE: Vaginal Dryness Relief Herbal Formula) These herbs will sooth that horrible 'burning desire,' and will also increase your vaginal lubrication tenfold.

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