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Little Red Berries: A Recipe for Super Orgasms?

Iremember when my wife and I first met as students at the University of Boulder, Colorado.  We fell in love and had great passionate sex.  Wild sex.  Wet sex.  Orgasm-every-time-until-you-drop-sex.
I also remember when my wife and I first moved from the idyllic student life in Boulder, Colorado to the grand hububbing corporate life in New York City.  We arrived in winter and the streets were wet and cold seemingly all the time.  Commuting to work meant walking between subway stops in the freezing wind and then huddling with hundreds of strangers on the subways.  Then there were twelve-hour days at the office, dinner and (too many) drinks with more strangers, then home to bed where we would pray for four or five hours sleep while our nerves were still jumpin’ and jivin’.  Add it all up and what do you get?  The world’s biggest day care center where every “kid” has a cold or the flu and the stress never ends.  Oh, and did I mention the sun almost never shines between all those tall buildings?
For our first three months in the city, my wife and I went through three colds apiece and at least one flu bug.  Our skin turned pale, dry, papery.  We were sick, we were tired.  We were young and happy… until all at once our formerly great sex life went to hell.
If I only knew then what I know now:  That great sex doesn’t have to end when you’re grown up, tired, aging, or even sexually dysfunctional.  That there is a centuries old herb that could have cured it all! 
Oh well, better late than never.  We’re having great sex today, mostly because we’re in love, but also because of a wonderful Chinese herb that comes from little red berries.
The herb is called Schizandra (L. Schisandra chinensis, commonly known as Wu-Wei-Tzu in its native Northern China), a plant described as a creeping vine populated with red berries that were once part of the regular diet in hunter gatherer societies of early China and Russia.  Schizandra is not bitter like other herbs and can be used in culinary dishes as well as the usual teas, elixirs, and pill/supplemental forms.  Schizandra is commonly found in aphrodisiacal supplements or on its own and its benefits are wide-ranging, including but not limited to:

  • Works as an aphrodisiac for men and women
  • Lowers stress, treats headaches
  • Works as a mild sedative to treat insomnia
  • Creates healthier looking skin
  • Bolsters the immune system
  • Anti-oxidant - helps the liver process toxins
  • Improves vision

Schizandra does these things because it contains essential oils, acids and up to thirty effective lignans (compounds which help regenerate liver tissue).  Studies concerning Schizandra’s effects on the liver have proven the herb to be a true “adaptogen,” meaning that it works against any debilitating presence on the body (stress, toxins, disease).  Its adaptogenic qualities help improve physical and mental performance, relieve fatigue and build strength. In this process, more oxygen is provided to the cells and the body's immune system functions better, protecting you from common illnesses (colds, influenza, and even hepatitis), especially when you’re stressed.  And for those of you who spent too many nights drinking away your sex-life blues, remember that Schizandra has even been proven to repair liver cells damaged by excess alcohol consumption.
Of course, no one would argue that having great sex is the product of being healthy, feeling healthy, and looking healthy, but the value of a healthy liver, kidneys, and blood circulation are also paramount to bedroom performance. Once we are in the bedroom, we humans like our sex most when we find it easier to get in the mood, stay in the mood, and when the sex act itself produces a wonderful payoff, otherwise known as, a having great orgasm.  And by great orgasm, I am suggesting a truly wet and wild orgasm. 
Schizandra helps a lot of men and women who suffer from one form of sexual dysfunction or another.  Consider pre-mature ejaculation (PE), impotence, vaginal dryness… and yes, even the more common “dysfunctions” that affect our sex lives, such as stress, fatigue, insomnia, etc… All of these things can turn the once “spunky” pairing into a truly “dry” affair.
Schizandra, when consumed regularly, has a wonderful effect on both sexes.  Men will experience not only more energy for sex, better stamina, and thus more confidence in their sex lives, they will also experience the greater sensation of release from the increase in

water of the genital organs.

The build up that occurs within the male sex glands is an aid to premature ejaculation and stifled or disappointing orgasms.  In other words, more semen and more ejaculate create a longer lasting, more fulfilling orgasm!
For women, Schizandra has the same preliminary effects on her (greater warmth and sensitivity to the genitals), but also more “water” to her “water works”.  Women who take Schizandra regularly will experience a build up of the vaginal fluids, finding it easier to maintain natural lubrication for more pleasurable sex.  And some women have even reported that Schizandra has helped them experience

the great flood of female elixir

at the time of orgasm.  In plain English, she is more likely to come harder.  And as we men know, there is nothing so much a turn on as when she is truly turned on.
Feel better, have better sex, better orgasms… which leads to greater confidence, which in turn leads to less opportunity for premature-ejaculation… which leads to better sex… hmmm, seems there is a pattern here after all.
Other testimonials include benefits to the skin.  Due to the astringent quality of Schizandra, men and women who take Schizandra are likely to see a “youthful glow” to their skin, even skin that has been damaged by sun and wind.  Not only will you feel good, you might just look good too! 
Lastly, unlike stimulants that contain caffeine or other more potent and sometimes artificial supplements, people who take Schizandra are less likely to experience nervousness, acidic stomach, dry-mouth and insomnia.  Schizandra has a calming effect while simultaneously providing a heightened state of alertness and better mental focus.
More energy, boosted immunity, healthier skin, better sex, and even wetter sex.
What are you waiting for?  Wake up and smell the Schizandra already!

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