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Masturbation Manifestation - How effects of constant masturbation can penetrate the psyche,

You know what it’s like, whether it was when you were a kid, hiding from mom and dad, or if you’re a parent now, hiding from the kids. Unless you live completely alone, there’s always anxiety to masturbating – nobody wants to be seen doing it. Even though it’s completely normal, it’s as if nothing is more embarrassing or traumatizing than being caught in the act by a loved one. If you put yourself in this situation every day, the constant inherent feeling of nervous paranoia will begin to seep into your behavior.
People that suffer from such mental and sexual exhaustion often endure frequent and excessive worry (usually out of proportion to the real circumstances). Their muscles are tense and their sleep is erratic. They experience sexual performance anxiety that leads to an inability to control ejaculation as well as difficulty maintaining a hard erection during sex.
You see, stress responses have helped us survive in various situations; everything from verbal attacks to real life-or-death emergencies. Most people are unaware that the excitement of excessive masturbation and ejaculation can also put them in a stressed state that keeps the body in constant high gear. They’re left emotionally over-charged and nervous.
When needed, our bodies will trigger an innate mechanism to protect us from the effects of acute, immediate stress by producing several stress hormones in the adrenal gland. Unfortunately, long-time over-production of these stress hormones can damage the endocrine and nervous system interaction, resulting in many harmful side effects, including sexual and behavioral disruptions.
Chronic anxiety due to excessive masturbation continues to build the stress hormones, such as cortisol, in the body. Cortisol is released in response to dangerous or stressful conditions, such as worry that someone will interrupt your self-love activity. It tells the body to boost blood sugar levels, providing immediate energy. But at the same time, it derives calcium from the bones, making it available to muscles for immediate consumption. This reduction of calcium concentration is detrimental to the nervous system.
Fortunately, since such nervous behavior was learned, it can be unlearned. First, arrange your schedule so that you are able to experience quality sleep as often as possible. This may be difficult, depending on circumstances, but it is important for putting you in a neutral relaxed state. Exercise when you can, even a brisk walk with deep breathing can help regulate your nervous system. Reduce your intake of caffeine (such as that found in coffee and soda) and be mindful of your diet. Don’t do fast food or microwaveable goodies too often. Those concentrated fats are not designed with your health in mind.
It would also be a good idea to look into natural herbal supplements. There is even a formula designed specifically for anxiety caused by over-masturbation that combats nervousness and improves sleep quality. In fact, by combining any number of these possible resolutions, you will most certainly see reduced nervousness, quelled performance anxiety, enhanced slumber, reduced feelings of despair, and an end to the nervous masturbatory activity that so greatly contributed to your unpleasant disposition to begin with.

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