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The Aging Man and His Sex Drive: What You Can Do to Keep Your Sex Drive Intact
Jeff had aged. He was full of life experience and wisdom. He raised 4 kids, and each had entered the workforce as a productive citizen. But age caused Jeff to lose his hair. Age caused him to gain 50 pounds. And age even lead to his current issue—male menopause.
Age-related testosterone loss often causes male menopause. And for a man like Jeff, the loss of testosterone lead to his moodiness, low sex drive and weight gain.  
“T” Effects
Testosterone is an important part of being a man; we all know that, but have you ever stop to think why? We know it’s responsible for our sex drive, but it’s also responsible for women’s sex drive too.
For men, testosterone is created in the testicles and adrenal glands. As we get older, the testes produce less testosterone. For men like Jeff who has experienced lower testosterone, a decrease in sex drive, weaker erections, chronic fatigue and nervousness begin to occur.
So as we get older, the lack of testosterone makes us feel as though we can’t live up to the expectations we could easily handle when our testosterone levels were at their peak. We may worry about not being able to satisfy our partners, which could lead to stress and anxiety that carry over into work.
The Cause
Jeff’s male menopause was caused by an increase in Sex Hormone Binding Protein, which protect and transport sex hormones such as testosterone. When his body increased SHBG levels, it contributed to a reduction in free-floating testosterone in the bloodstream because of the naturally strong bond SHBG has with testosterone.
Age-related testosterone depletion due to an increase in SHBG is one variable whose possibility of occurring can be counted on to increase in men as we age. There are medical solutions for low testosterone levels such as intra-muscle, by-weekly injections, testosterone patches and gels, but doctor visits are usually stressful. The last thing we need when we are stressed out is to have our bodies pumping with a large dose of testosterone.
What to do

Use of herbal supplements that contain Cuscuta and Ashwagandha may safely optimize the increase and facilitate the body’s natural production of testosterone, providing a gentle and healthy solution for dealing with male menopause. Our bodies change as time passes, sometimes for the worse. But if we pay attention to these changes, and attend to them in healthy ways, they may go on serving us well for years to come...(more ways to increase testosterone)

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