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Unleash Your Inner Beast by Calming Down
Oh baby, this feels so good…(a minute later)…I don’t know what happened, I am sorry! Is this how your sexual experiences often go? You must be suffering from the dreaded condition known as premature ejaculation.  It is a common problem among men of all ages.

Approximately a third of men will experience P.E. at least once. Some men suffer from it more often than others. If you are one of the unlucky ones, you or your lover are probably seeking help. The first step is to take a deep breath and relax. When you find the cause, you can find a solution. 
Why me?
Stress stinks…premature ejaculation makes it worse! Stress, regarded as a silent killer, remains the number one reason for the onset of cardiovascular diseases. Too much stress can cause a heart attack. Too much stress can elevate your risk of a stroke. And too much stress can cause premature ejaculations. How? 

During stressful situations, the body enters a state called “Fight or Flight.” In this state, the body’s main objective is to minimize the stressful situation as quick as possible either by fighting the issue or fleeing from the problem. Because sex is considered a stress-inducing activity, the body sometimes wishes to stop as fast as possible. Instead of enjoying the activity, some males ejaculate to flee from the stress. The higher the stress men feel, the higher the chances to experience this unexpected ejaculation.
Of course, you can’t completely get rid of stress, and as long as humans exist, they will forever deal with daily stressors.  Whenever you put your body through undue stress, it will alter the chemical balances required for happiness, relaxation and most importantly—sex. Most people agree: sex remains the best stress reliever, but worrying diminishes your chances of enjoying your best defense against stress.  

How on Earth do I relax?
You can go to a doctor and take a series of embarrassing test. Or, you can find herbs that help battle the same issues. For thousands of years, humans have taken herbs to alleviate stress and the problems associated with it, including premature ejaculation. 
Os Draconis, extracted from the bones of a prehistoric mastodon, can help minimize stress and improve control over an ejaculation.  While Long GU, known to calm nerves, reduces anger and acts as a sedative for controlling an unwanted explosion of stimulation. 

Rhodiola can reduce stress thanks to the phytochemicals that increase anti-oxidants in the body. Jujubi ZiZiphi, meanwhile, acts as an anti-inflammatory herb that when partnered with Dong-Quai, relaxes the muscles and mind to increase stamina. Other ingredients, such as, Tribulus provide the body with an increase in testosterone in the body, while Schisandra tightens the valves in the penis to give you more control over your ejaculations.

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