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Moody Mike - Mood Swing Disaster
Mike, an ex-coworker of mine, enjoyed his life. He loved his kids. He even loved his wife of 28 years.  But as he aged, his partner would yell at him for tossing his shirt on the bathroom floor. Our boss would snidely belittle his presentations. Even his children would complain about the slightest problem they could conjure up. 
One minute he was happy; the next, irritated. Now as I told Mike, life includes its set of complications that we must combat. It’s your perspective that ultimately determines whether today is a good day or not.  But in Mike’s typical fashion, he wasn’t just moody; he was depressed. 
Mood and Sex
Mike’s moodiness began to affect his sex life. Mike became anxious. His problems became bigger, and bigger AND BIGGER. His mood altered his perspective, damaged his positive behavior, and reinforced an attitude of negativity and hate. His mood changed so much it ruined sex. 
He couldn’t concentrate in bed. He lacked interest in sex. He even felt that no women could create the urges he once felt. 
The formula contained powerful ingredients that elevated his libido and improved his mood. For instance, Ashwagandha was said to increase sex drive and to relieve stress , while Astragalus membranaceus helped boost the immune system to improve adrenal function, which lead to irritation when altered.

And thanks to other ingredients, such as Gingko, Mike could focus more. But Ginko proved more beneficial to his health than he admitted, thanks to the boost in certain mood-related neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine.  
The Benefits of Serotonin
In cases where depression occurs, serotonin is often viewed as the missing chemical for the melancholy attitude. Serotonin increases produced 5-HTP, a vital chemical to the health of the mind. With Mike’s serotonin levels steady, all of his coworkers witnessed an improvement.

He was happier. He was less cranky. And he even admitted to me in private that he felt his old sexual urges return. Mike thanked me, but more importantly, my coworkers thanked me for “slaying angry, moody Mike.”

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