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Ouch! Common Causes For Penis Injures
When men are flaccid, the penis is more flexible, bendable; you can even twirl it. While erect, it’s not the same silly putty and is much more firm, and therefore fragile. While most penile trauma occurs when erect, some of the following causes can still happen to a soft member:
  • Chafing. Coarse or abrasive rubbing against the skin of the penis may result in irritation and abrasions. Vigorous exercise at the gym, rug burns, wearing clothes with rough material without underwear can all cause chafing.
  • Bruises. Blunt force trauma to the penis can result in bruising, but also pain. Sports—and hits to the grain because of the activity--can result in nausea, penile swelling and discomfort. 
  • Cuts. Sure, we’re not talking about the entire Lorena Bobbitt-style chop off (the women who chopped off her husband’s penis), but something as simple as catching your penis in your zipper can result in a painful cut. 
  • Fracture. This usually occurs during sexual intercourse, when a man and his partner are a little too rigorous in their activities, and the penis gets bent too far while fully erect. What is termed a “fracture” is actually a tear in some of the tube-like structures that carry blood to the penis.  Surgical procedures to minimize prostate growth can too causes fractures.
Okay, So What Are The Symptoms
  • Redness or other discoloration
  • A ‘cracking’ noise (fracture)
  • Inability to muster or maintain an erection
  • Pain or other discomfort
  • Bleeding from the urethra
Let's Make That "Owie" Go Away
It is important to take action right away in order to help in the penile health recovery process. Herbal remedies contain potent mixtures of healing botanicals that are beneficial for an injured penis.
What These Herbal Remedies Can Do For You:
  • Dissolve any plaque and scar formations within damaged penile tissue
  • Help maintain firmer, longer lasting erections
  • Stimulate proper repair and rejuvenation processes
  • Circulate blood more effectively and increase micro-circulation within the penile tissue matrix
  • Rapidly accelerate the recovery and healing process

The natural ingredients contained in these specialized formulas increase blood flow, provide critical nutrients, and increase protein growth, which in turn repair any abnormal fibrous tissues. Combined, these herbs form a powerful natural healing synthesis, which can repair and rejuvenate the penis to its original health.

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