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Very Frequent Masturbation - Unexpected Cause For Your Poor Concentration
Having poor concentration affects all of us. It might come from juggling too many jobs at once; it might occur because of family issue; or it might resonate from stress. So to minimize the stress and lack of concentration, you masturbate. It’s normal to have urges. It’s normal to be a man and release your seed.
But D.H Lawrence famously referred to masturbation as a thief. 
“ The one thing that it seems impossible to escape once the habit is formed is masturbation. It goes on and on…. And it always carries this secret feeling of futility and humiliation. …Being a comparatively pure and harmless vice, masturbation is certainly the most dangerous sexual vice….”
Masturbation is addictive. It can damage a man’s perception of a woman. It can cause him to objective females. It can lead him to lust and act out his symptoms. It can lead to potential testosterone shortages and even poor concentration...(more)
Why Does the Brain Loose Concentration and how can you recognize it?
At first you might forget your car keys, then it will progress to other more important issues. You forget to type a memo report. You forget to pick up the kids from school. Or you forget your anniversary. 
Warning signs of poor concentration include:
  • Failure to understand simple concepts
  • Forgetfulness
  • Mental fatigue
These symptoms are part of a larger issue—masturbation. That’s right, every time you masturbate, you ruin your memory. It all happens from the physical and chemical process of masturbation. Neurochemicals, such as acetylcholine, become depleted during masturbation.

Acetylcholine, responsible for lowering heart rate, acts as a trigger that enables your CNS or Central Nervous System to get excited. But a dearth in acetylcholine causes memory issues. 
What you once remembered now you forget. Your poor memory starts to affect your relationships, work performance and even love life. As you age, the poor memory becomes worse.
What can you do to make it better?

Stop masturbating, for one. Next, you need to replenish the lost acetylcholine to improve memory, and all-natural herbs can improve the production of the chemical. By collating both abstinence and herbal supplements, you can see a great improvement in your memory.

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